[Advice] Should I buy any good furniture?

The locker is a smart tool that helps repairers to arrange and arrange repair tools in a scientific way, while moving easily.

The convenience and versatility of the toolbox has helped this item become a useful part in the field of machine and tool repair.Imagine, while repairing a device that requires a lot of tools and details at the same time, such as a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, screws, wrench . but it takes time to get each one.Not to mention the time to find it?Are you patient enough?Definitely very difficult.Therefore, you need to go to a set of smart lockers that both help and arrange the repair tools in a scientific way and move easily.

So buying furniture is what you should buy good furniture and where?Let's find out with quantrimang!

Should I buy any good furniture?

  1. What is a tool cabinet?
  2. What types of lockers are there?
    1. Multi-drawer toolbox
    2. Open-door furniture
    3. Furniture cabinets combine drawers and open wings
    4. Tool rack
    5. Box / toolbox
  3. Should I buy a good brand furniture?
  4. Addresses to buy good furniture

What is a tool cabinet?

Furniture cabinets are also known by other names as furniture lockers, tool cabinets or tool cabinets.Like a tool bag, the toolbox has the main function for storing machine repair tools.However, the tool cabinet also has many other advantages such as getting more items, dividing the partition so it can be arranged in a more scientific way.In addition, the current furniture cabinets are equipped with wheels so that users can pull the cabinets closer to the working position, helping the process of taking and repairing things faster, avoiding wasting time.

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Besides, the furniture lockers are designed to make the most of the used area, so it is extremely compact.Moreover, most cabinets are quite light weight, which does not cause much difficulty to move.Therefore, it is also quite convenient to meet the tasks that require frequent mobility.

What types of lockers are there?

There are many ways to classify tool cabinets based on structure, industry - purpose of use, according to the material . But the most common is still classified according to the structure of the tool cabinet.Accordingly, there are the following types of basic furniture:

Multi-drawer toolbox

Drawer tooling cabinet is the most popular and versatile tool cabinet.Not only ensures convenience, science, but also aesthetics, it is the most popular customer.

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Depending on the manufacturer's design, the number of drawers of these furniture is much less than the user's demand.There can be 2 compartments, 3 compartments, 5 compartments, even up to 10 compartments.Also divided into: cabinets without furniture and cabinets with furniture.

Open-door furniture

2-wing open-top cabinet with exterior design is 2 doors.However, inside it is still divided into compartments and tool holders.The cabinet usually has 5 main horizontal compartments, furniture racks and storage cabinets on the wing.

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This design is very popular for use in professional car and motorbike repair garages, because it is designed to work continuously.Only one opening operation, is the entire tool set up for workers to choose.

Furniture cabinets combine drawers and open wings

This cabinet is a combination of drawers and open wings.Typically, this type will consist of 3 to 5 drawers and 1 wing opening.

Many people, especially professional and versatile repairmen, will like this type of furniture because it combines both drawers and drawers for small tools and large tools (open wings).

Tool rack

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Furniture containers have a fairly simple structure.That includes many storage compartments and tool holders on both sides.The equipment is very open and highly portable.A tool holder will usually have 3-4 compartments stacked, with wheels and handles to support movement.The product is suitable for repairing and moving tools around the workshop.

Box / toolbox

Containers and tool boxes have a compact design suitable for the purpose of moving tools from one place to another (not just in the workshop) as easily and conveniently as possible.

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Toolboxes often have different materials and prices.There are simple designs, plastic materials, cheap prices.There are complex designs, lots of furniture, metal materials, and of course the price is significantly higher.

Should I buy a good brand furniture?

At present, there are many furniture cabinets with different designs, sizes, different designs from different brands.The job of users is to choose prestigious and senior brands in the production of tools and tools.It is possible to name some reputable brands and highly appreciated by consumers such as:

Kocu toolbox

Kocu is a Chinese brand. This is a popular furniture brand and occupies a large market share in Vietnam. Products usually cost between 3 million and 9 million.

Featured products:

  1. Kocu KC-32 Toolbox - Reference price: 5,950,000 VND

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  1. Number of compartments: 7 compartments
  2. Maximum load: Small compartment (35kg); Large compartment (45kg)
  3. Made in China
  4. Warranty 12 months

2. Kocu KC-38 Toolbox - Reference price: 7,800,000 VND

  1. Number of compartments: 6 compartments
  2. Small cabinet size: 510mm x 410mm x 65mm
  3. Cabinet size: 510mm x 410mm x 145mm
  4. Cabinet size: 300mm x 440mm x 550
  5. Made in China
  6. Warranty 12 months

YATO toolbox

This is a brand from Poland. Diverse product range, from craft boxes to multi-compartment lockers, combined with openings and wings. Corresponding to that price is also very diverse, wide range ranges from 1 million to 26.5 million.

Featured products:

1. Yato 3 compartment locker YT-09151 - Reference price: 6,700,000 VND

  1. Material: Steel
  2. Number of compartments: 3 compartments
  3. Wheel moving: No
  4. Made in China
  5. Warranty 12 months

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2. YATO toolbox YT-09141 - Reference price: VND 14,800,000

  1. Number of compartments: 8 compartments
  2. Material: Steel and wood
  3. Product weight: 90kg
  4. Made in China
  5. Warranty 12 months

Cases for Truper tools

Truper is a trademark of Mexico. The products used in the toolbox are mostly in the form of boxes / containers, and a few are multi-compartment tool cabinets and usually cost between 250,000 and 7 million.

Featured products:

1. 4 compartment lockers with Truper 12066 wheels (GAMO-4090) - Reference price: 4,990,000 VND

  1. Material: Metal
  2. Number of compartments: 4 compartments
  3. Made in China
  4. Warranty 12 months

2. 25-inch Truperie Container 15320 (CHP-25R) - Reference price: 1,090,000 VND

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  1. Advanced plastic materials
  2. Moving wheels: 2 wheels
  3. Made in: Mexico
  4. Warranty 12 months

In addition, there are many other vendors providing tool kits that are trusted by many users such as Stanley, Total and Preful .

Addresses to buy good furniture

Finding a good brand is not easy to find a genuine product with the best price, because there are a lot of addresses in the market that provide a price for furniture, imitation of models and brands.So, the fastest way to buy genuine cabinet, good price is to find reputable, quality distribution facilities and addresses to choose to buy products.

META is one of the most reputable and popular addresses for users to buy genuine quality tools and tools, including furniture.Product cabinets at META are committed to ensuring genuine, quality and long-term warranty with the most competitive prices in the market.You can access the META.vn website or contact the hotline immediately below for a free consultation:

  1. In Hanoi: No. 56 Duy Tan, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay - Tel:
  2. In HCMC: 716-718 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10 - Phone:

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