• What is HTTP Security Header? How to use HTTP Security Header

    What is HTTP Security Header? How to use HTTP Security Header
    What is X-Frame-Options? Do you know what HTTP Security header is? What do they mean in web programming? Let's find out with TipsMake.com.com!
  • How HTTP works

    How HTTP works
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) provides a network protocol standard that web browsers and servers use to communicate. You see HTTP every day because when you visit a website,
  • What is HTTP

    What is HTTP
    HTTP is an application-level protocol for distribution, collaboration, multimedia information systems, which is the foundation for data communication for WWW (eg Internet) since
  • Parameters in HTTP

    Parameters in HTTP
    This chapter lists some of the HTTP protocol parameters and their syntax by which they are used in communication.
  • Message in HTTP

    Message in HTTP
    HTTP is built on the basis of the Client-Server structure model and Stateless Request / Response protocol, which is governed by the exchange of messages (Message) along a TCP / IP
  • Request (HTTP) in HTTP

    Request (HTTP) in HTTP
    A Client sends an HTTP request to a Server in the form a request message that includes the following format.
  • Response (Response) in HTTP

    Response (Response) in HTTP
    After receiving and interpreting a request message, a Server sends a response signal with an HTTP response message.
  • Method in HTTP

    Method in HTTP
    The set of common methods for HTTP / 1.1 is defined below and this set of settings can be expanded based on the requirements. These method names are case-sensitive and they must
  • Encrypt status in HTTP

    Encrypt status in HTTP
    The Status-Code element is a 3-character integer, in which the first character of the status encoding defines the response type and the last two characters do not have any sorting
  • Header fields in HTTP

    Header fields in HTTP
    Header fields provide required information about requests or responses, or about objects sent in the notification body. There are 4 types of HTTP header Header.
  • Caching in HTTP

    Caching in HTTP
    HTTP is typically used for distributed information systems, where performance can be enhanced by using cached feedback. The HTTP / 1.1 protocol includes several elements that are
  • URL encoding in HTTP

    URL encoding in HTTP
    HTTP URLs can only be sent via the Internet by using ASCII character sets, which often contain characters outside the ASCII character set. Therefore unsafe characters must be
  • Security in HTTP

    Security in HTTP
    HTTP is used for communication over the Internet, so application programmers, information providers, and users should be aware of the protection limitations in HTTP / 1.1.
  • Example of Message in HTTP

    Example of Message in HTTP
    Some examples of Message in HTTP make it easier for users to visualize.