What Do Photo Experts Use to Edit Photos?

The images during the early age of photography were purely rudimentary. It's given due to limited equipment and crude quality of the tools used.

As the technology evolved, the world of photography had incredibly developed. Professionals began to experiment with new techniques to improve their outputs. 

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With the help of the different editing software, they could achieve refined photos that are close to perfection. The editing tools have become widely accepted as part of the photo creation process. These can highlight the subject and transform average photos into something truly remarkable. 

There is countless editing software available, and you will not run out of options. If you are wondering what do experts use, let's discuss those in this writing. 

Adobe Editing Software

Adobe products are considered to be the gold standard when we talk about the best photo editors. The commonly used editing tools nowadays are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Some of the functions are the same but also have different key features. You can find useful information online with a comparison of both software provided by experts. The key differences have been detailed as well as their highlights to help out photographers to maximize their functions. 


Let's discuss Lightroom first, which is a lot simpler and with a user-friendly interface. When you first open the program after downloading, you'll get a guided walkthrough. It has an easy workspace that allows you to focus on your image. The left-hand panel is where you can access your image library. While the right-hand panel, you can find the drop-down menus for quick adjustments, for example, adding a keyword to your images and a lot more. For all photographers, Lightroom is an excellent help in creating stunning portraits, landscapes, and other types of photography. The incredible features include camera and lens-based corrections, face detection for organizing photos, brush and gradient adjustments, fixing and blurring tools, presets and professional filters, and multiple device support and sync. The presets will work well when editing a batch of photos.


This software has proven by several artists and designers around the world to be a capable and trustworthy editing tool. It suits professionals and creative photographers. Simplicity is not its feature. It's known to be difficult to navigate. Its built-in features include sophisticated retouching, extensive filters and brush up, multi-layer editing, 3D design functionality, advanced color editing, and pro editing tools. This software is perfect if you need to do advanced retouching, for example, make the model slimmer, remove double chin, and a lot more. You can also maximize the preset workspace that is designed to trim away excess tools that you don't need for the project. It may be difficult to master but you will learn several tricks you can do to your output. 

Skylum Luminar

This editing tool is making its way to the photography world because of its outstanding tools and features. The software has more editing tools than Lightroom. Rather than a monthly subscription, you only need to pay a one-time fee for the program. Luminar also give preset workspaces just like photoshop that is specifically to designed task such as professional, aerial photography, black and white, landscape, portrait, quick and awesome, essentials and street photography. Apart from this, you can design your workspace preset. Other key features are, AI editor, exclusive filters, adjustment layers, and dedicated presets for DJI drone photos.

If you're a beginner in photography, the first step in having stunning output is to have good hardware to shoot with. Consider the features of your equipment. Using high-quality hardware plus skills in using the appropriate software would give you incredible photos for your portfolio.