The TRIM hard drive error on Windows Defrag has not been fixed

Since the release of two new Windows 10 feature updates so far, Microsoft has yet to fix the error that Windows Defrag automatically executes the TRIM command on non-SSD drives.

As we all know, TRIM is essential to maintaining the performance of SSDs at optimum levels throughout its lifecycle. TRIM proactively removes invalid data from the memory cells of the SSD to ensure data write operations are always available at maximum speed.

In the mid-year 2004 release of Windows 10 version in the middle of this year, Microsoft announced that this operating system version had two errors: SSDs were constantly fragmented and the TRIM optimization was performed on the drives. non-SSD disk.

The TRIM hard drive error on Windows Defrag has not been fixed Picture 1

Error executing TRIM command on non-SSD drives is still occurring

With the first error, the operating system prevented the Windows Automatic Maintenance feature from remembering when the drive was last optimized when the operating system was restarted, which in turn causes the drives, including the drive. The SSD, which automatically defragments the disk every time the computer restarts. And this error was fixed by Microsoft in update KB4571744 in September.

The second error causes Windows 10's hard drive defragmentation to attempt to TRIM the drives even though they are not SSDs. While this won't damage the drive, it will always generate error messages in the system event log. And up to now, it has been 6 months, but this problem has not been resolved by the parent company.

Although this bug has been widely reported for a long time, Microsoft has not officially admitted it exists. And currently users facing the issue are still waiting for an answer and remedy from Microsoft.