Torch Browser Chrome-based browser with many surprises

Torch Browser is an alternative web browser that integrates social networking features, downloading video and audio through streaming and a BitTorrent client.

  1. Free software
  2. Version:
  3. Update date: March 20, 2020
  4. Platforms: Windows, Android

Download Torch Browser here.

Torch Browser is a browser capable alternative to Google Chrome. Based on Google Chrome or rather, on the open source Chromium browser project, you'll love Torch Browser because it combines the advantages of Chrome with its own enhancements.

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Features of Torch Browser

An improvement over Chrome

Torch Browser is definitely an improvement over Google Chrome as it adds new features that would otherwise have been added as an extension.

First, Torch Browser has a client to download Torrent files. On a separate tab, you can add Torrent via URL or file and see how it downloads.

Torch Browser also allows to download video and audio through streaming. It's simple and while it doesn't let you choose the quality and format, but will be very helpful if you want to archive these files and convert them later. Moreover, you can preview downloaded files thanks to the video player integrated in the program.

On the other hand, with Torch Browser you can share the page you are viewing by clicking the Share button, compatible with Twitter and Facebook.

Other cool features are the option to share the names of songs and groups you're listening to through Torch Music, and options to search for something on Google, Wikipedia or YouTube by selecting a word or phrase. and drag it to the right side of Torch Browser.

If you get bored with your Facebook interface, Torch Browser includes a feature called Torch FaceLift, which allows you to completely change the look of this social network. You can do it manually by customizing the details, or automatically using one of the many ready-to-apply skins.

The shell is Chrome, the gut is Torch

Torch Browser offers the same quality as Google Chrome, such as speed and low resource consumption. However, since it includes its own functions, Torch performance is slowed down, especially when using the BitTorrent feature no matter what your Internet connection is.

When you open Torch Browser, you will think that you are using Google Chrome. Indeed, they are very similar, but the added features and functions make the Torch different. Some of the subtleties include a search function, the Share, Media and Torrent buttons can be accessed from the address toolbar.

Chrome improvements

Is Torch Browser a good alternative to Google Chrome? The answer is yes. There's still a long way to go, such as improving the BitTorrent client's resource consumption and the ability to download media content, but for now, Torch Browser works just fine and offers the same advantages as Chrome, along with some interesting additions.


  1. Download audio and video via streaming
  2. Includes a BitTorrent manager
  3. The download manager is very convenient
  4. Social network functions
  5. There are all the advantages of Google Chrome


  1. Cannot select the format for downloading media content
  2. Resource consumption of BitTorrent client