Maintain Windows effectively with 5 professional software

The maintenance and optimization of Windows operating system will help the computer after a long time of use get high performance, creating stability during use.

Computers after a long time of use will sometimes encounter some problems, running slowly, affecting the performance and user performance. Before considering buying more RAM, or changing some settings on your computer, users should use some of the Windows operating system maintenance software. These software will create stability for the computer during use. Here are 5 most effective Windows system maintenance and optimization software that network administrators want to introduce to readers.

1. CCleaner system cleanup software:

  1. Download CCleaner software for Windows

One of the popular software for optimizing Windows systems is CCleaner. Basically, the program helps to clean up the drive, freeing up storage space of computer memory, making it run smoothly.

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Besides, CCleaner also has many useful upgrade features for the Windows operating system, such as backing up the Registry before proceeding to delete the corrupted Registry on the system, choosing to delete cookies according to users' needs. , or effectively manage the programs started with the computer when used to limit slow Windows booting, . For more details on how to use CCleaner software, manage and optimize The components on the system, readers can refer to the article How to use CCleaner software effectively.

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2. WinDirStat software monitors hard drive:

  1. Download WinDirStat software for free

One of the reasons computers become sluggish is the hard drive with efficient data storage. And in the long run, or in many cases, users will not know what data drives the hard drive stores. Therefore, WinDirStat will help users monitor hard drive capacity.

  1. Check and monitor hard drive capacity with WinDirStat

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After installing WinDirStat successfully on Windows, the software will give users details about how the hard drive capacity is being used on the computer. Users will know which files are the most space-consuming, with the list in the order of four.

The Treemap section displayed with multiple shapes below will specify data files with different colors. When left clicking on each color block, you will get details about the file on your computer.

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3. Malwarebytes program to kill Malware:

  1. Download Malwarebytes software

Protecting your computer from spyware, viruses, and malware is also one way to make your computer more stable. Currently Malwarebytes' Malware products are used by many people, at a cost not too high, but effectively protecting computers is not inferior to other big name software.

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The program will provide users with a system check process including memory scanning, Windows startup programs scanning, system registry scanning, full file scanning on C drive and notification of suspicious photos. enjoy the system.

4. Geek Uninstaller removes Windows software:

  1. Download the Windows Geek Uninstaller software

Normally to remove any software on Windows, we will access Program and Features and click Uninstall the program you want to delete. However, some programs still store junk files on the system, which partially affects computer performance. Therefore, using more programs to thoroughly remove software on Windows is essential.

Geek Uninstaller offers a complete uninstall option for software on your computer, including the leftover junk files on your computer. This will ensure the software disappears completely on Windows systems.

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5. Speccy checks PC hardware:

  1. Download Speccy Windows software

Speccy has a very simple interface, which allows users to check computer hardware information, including hard drive capacity, RAM, temperature, graphics card, etc. Also, you can Refer to some of the ways to check computer hardware in the article 3 simple ways to check the configuration and hardware information of computers and laptops.

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The above are 5 Windows system maintenance software, which helps improve the performance of computers, avoid slow or sluggish for a long time to use.

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