How to use Task Manager of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome

How to use Task Manager on Microsoft Edge web browser, Google Chrome and Coc Coc...? Instructions for using Task Manager on web browsers in the easiest way to understand..

Each operating system is equipped with its own task manager, or we often call it with the familiar name Task Manager => to help users view and manage running tasks and services. on the operating system.

I think many of you will not know, or not notice that the web browser Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium that we are using is also equipped with a task manager of its own.

And so that you can more easily manage the amount of resources that the web browser is using, in this article, I will show you in detail how to use Google Chrome's own Task Manager, Microsoft Edge Chromium !

Instructions for using Chrome's Task Manager or Edge Chromium

The fact that Google Chrome or web browsers in general has Task Manager is a great thing, it allows you to manage the hardware resources that this browser has used in a more intuitive and easy way.

If before, you only knew that Chrome was consuming a lot of your computer's RAM but could not know exactly what component on Chrome was causing it, now.

…. With the built-in Task Manager on the web browser, we will see exactly what utilities and tabs are constantly consuming the computer's RAM.

And because it uses the same Chromium core, when Chrome has it, Microsoft Edge Chromium or Coc Coc . also has this tool, which is also the reason why in this article I will use Edge Chromium browser to write articles, not right Chrome.

#first. How to open Task Manager on Chrome or Edge Chromium

Before learning how to use it, the first step is to know how to access the Task Manager on Edge Chromium or Google Chrome first.

And also note that on Edge Chromium, how to do it for Chrome, you do the same thing.

Method 1: First, the most basic way is to click on More Options (Three horizontal dots with Edge and 3 vertical dots on Chrome)

Next, click More Tools => and immediately you will see the words Browse task manager or Task Manager on Chrome => you click on it to open the Task Manager of Edge, Chrome.

How to use Task Manager of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Picture 1

Method 2: In addition, you can also open it faster with keyboard shortcuts like Windows' Task Manager, but instead of using all 3 keys, Ctrl + Shift + Esc, you just need to press Shift + ESC or key combination Search + ESC on ChromeBook is fine.

=> The Task Manager window of the web browser immediately appears, its interface is also quite familiar and not too difficult to get used to and use.

The center is still a list showing Tabs, active utilities, and the amount of hard disk resources such as RAM, CPU, GPU, . that they occupy, and add some other parameters such as CPU Time, GDI Handles , USER Handles, Scripts Cache… and of course, that powerful End Task button is indispensable ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶

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#2. Close Tabs, or Browser Extensions with Task Manager

During use, there must be many times when you encounter a situation where Tabs are frozen, or suddenly consume a lot of RAM, right?

Task Manager was born to manage Tabs and utilities running in the browser, so you can completely use it to close unresponsive tabs or utilities, tabs suddenly eat up. many system resources.

To close a Tab or any utility on Edge Chromium is like closing a task on Windows 10.

First in this window, click to select the Tab or utility you want to turn off => then click the End Process button.

In addition, you can also combine Ctrl or Shift keys with the mouse to select and close multiple tasks at the same time, saving time!

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#3. View a browser task that is using system resources

When a task runs, it not only uses RAM, CPU, GPU but it also has many other types of resources, and if you are looking to see how much resources that task is using in the 20 categories that Edge Chromium has no problem.

You just need to right-click anywhere in the Task Manager window, a list of more than 20 types mentioned above will appear.

The ones with a checkmark to the left of the name => mean that it has been displayed in the Task Manager, similarly please tick the lines with a checkmark to display it in the main interface.

And if you want to undisplay a certain type of resource, also in this list, click on the name of that resource type again to undisplay it.

How to use Task Manager of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome Picture 4

In addition, you can also rearrange each column of specific resource statistics to your liking => by clicking on the name of that column.

For example, when you click on the word Memory, a downward arrow will appear showing that the RAM usage statistics are sorted in order from the most to the least.

If you click again on the word Memory, it will show the opposite from the least to the most. With this little trick you can know which tabs and utilities are consuming a lot of hardware during use because by default it will be quite messy.

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So I have just finished guiding you in very detail how to use Task Manager on Edge Chromium web browser, or Google Chrome already. You can apply it with all web browsers using Chromium core.

Proficient use of this tool will help you manage the amount of resources that web browsers will use more efficiently and easily than using Windows' Task Manager. Hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck !