Microsoft Edge has added new PDF features to compete with Google Chrome

So far, Microsoft Edge Legacy is the best PDF reader for Windows 10. Chromium-based Microsoft Edge also comes with an excellent PDF viewer, but still lags behind Legacy's version. However, Microsoft is about to add new PDF features to Edge, which could compete with Google Chrome.

Microsoft has revealed that the company is developing a new search engine for Edge's PDF reader. According to experimental flags and some new features discovered in builds, Microsoft is now adding new capabilities to its browser built-in PDF reader.

1. Pick Up feature Where You Left Off

One of the most prominent features is Pick Up Where You Left Off. Now, when you open a PDF document in Edge or Chrome that you stopped reading on a particular page, you start on the first page and have to find the text you left off the last time you read it. manually. However, with the next version of Microsoft Edge, slated for release later this year, you'll soon be able to continue reading the document in the right place when you last closed the PDF. This feature is only available in the new version of Edge. 

2. Better data copy ability

On Edge 89, Microsoft has enabled copying useful data in PDF files. With version 91, the company is planning to improve this feature, so that users get a smoother and more consistent data replication experience.

3. Improved scrolling experience

Edge updates will also come with scrolling improvements. For example, you'll soon be able to scroll through a page or two when reading a document in a two-page view at the same time.

Microsoft Edge has added new PDF features to compete with Google Chrome Picture 1

Another new feature will allow users to open the sidebar containing thumbnail images of pages in PDF documents (this ability has been in Chrome), making it easier for users to navigate between pages.

4. Electronic signature

Microsoft Edge users will soon be able to digitally validate PDFs. Some of the aforementioned features are already in the Canary build, and Microsoft is expected to announce details of the scrolling improvements later this year.

Not only Microsoft, other technology giants are constantly adding new features to their products to provide the best user experience for users and privacy is always focused.