Former Microsoft employee revealed the secret in Task Manager on Windows 10

Since its launch in 1995, Task Manager has become an integral part of Windows.

Task Manager, the task manager, is a tool that helps Windows users monitor and disable applications and tasks running on the computer. It was launched in 1994 and was released to users in Windows NT 4.0 in 1995. So far, in Windows 10, Task Manager still proves its worth.

The author of Task Manager is David Plummer. He designed this tool to troubleshoot application issues and to find out why the Windows computer suddenly ran slowly. Recently, David shared some pretty interesting tips about Task Manager.

Former Microsoft employee revealed the secret in Task Manager on Windows 10 Picture 1 Since its launch in 1995, Task Manager has always been a useful tool for Windows users

According to a former Microsoft employee, sometimes the Task Manager itself is suspended or hidden. At that time, Windows 10 users can press CTRL + Shift + Esc  to restore this tool or open a new Task Manager window.

When you press the above key combination, according to David, Winlogon will search the Task Manager window that is hanging or hidden. Winlogon is part of the Windows Login subsystem. For the next 10 seconds, Winlogon will try to restore Task Manager and if it fails, it will launch a new Task Manager window.

But when the computer no longer has enough resources for a new Task Manager window, what happens?

David shared that Task Manager is very smartly designed. If the computer has reached the limit, Windows will launch Task Manager in reduced mode or display only the Processes tab.

"That way, Task Manager is always launched for the user, even if the computer has only a tiny bit of resources left , " David said. "When Shell or Explorer is broken, you can also press CTRL + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager and restart them."

When Explorer restarts, you will get back the taskbar, system tray, and desktop. 

According to David, there is another way to fix Task Manager when it crashes. "At that point, you can press CTRL + Alt + Shift and hold for a few seconds. When you do, Task Manager will reset all settings within the system to their original settings , " David said.

After reviving the Task Manager, you can click File => New Task and enter "cmd" into the dialog box to launch the Command Prompt as Administrator.

Former Microsoft employee revealed the secret in Task Manager on Windows 10 Picture 2 Not only to monitor parameters, applications, Task Manager is also a lifeline for users when applications / games are suspended

If the application hangs so that you cannot see the Task Manager window, you can press the down arrow key then press the Delete button to close the suspended applications or games.

Similarly, if the game or application is hanging in full screen mode you can press Alt + Space , then the next M is to press one of the arrows on the keyboard. This will help you move the pending application window and Task Manager will be attached to the cursor when you click.

To this day, Task Manager is still very helpful. You can do even more with this tool, such as dragging the Processes and Memory columns to rearrange them. You can also right click on each column and customize the parameters you want to display.