How to fix Outlook search error

Errors in Outlook will partly affect your user experience, such as search errors. With search function on Outlook, users can search information in an email quickly without having to sit down and find it manually.

And it may be due to various reasons that the search engine fails in Outlook. The following article will guide you on some ways to fix Outlook search error.

1. Update new version for Outlook

Using an older version of Outlook can also cause errors, such as search errors. To fix the error, update to the new version for Outlook.

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2. Fix the Outlook Index error

Error reporting Index on Outlook will display a message when we cannot find a result, or the search results are not informative.

We start Outlook and then click Search to activate the search engine tab. Next, click on the menu at Search Tools in the Options option. Click on Indexing Status.

You should now receive the message that Outlook has finished indexing all of your items. 0 items remaining to be indexed, the indexing was completed. If the number is still displayed, wait 5 minutes.

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3. Use the error correction tool on Windows

Press the Windows + I key combination to open Windows Settings. Then click on Apps and then select Apps & Features in the next interface.

Navigate to the Microsoft Office application in the list and click the Modify button. Finally, choose Quick Repair or Online Repair and then click the Repair button to proceed with the repair.

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