How to change the mode using mouse or touch on Outlook

If you're using the Outlook app on a Windows 10 touch screen device, you can easily switch between Touch mode (touch operation on touch screen) and Mouse (manipulate with mouse) .
Although there is no significant difference in features, there are some minor changes from the user interface aspects between the two modes.
When you're using the Outlook app on a regular Windows 10 computer with a mouse and keyboard, you might not need to worry about distance. But if you are using a touch screen device, you may often encounter problems working with Outlook due to the gap between the options.
The first difference is the distance between the two options. The second difference is the size of each option. Almost all Touch mode options will have a larger interface size when you work in Mouse mode to ensure the most accurate touch operation.


Start the Outlook application on your computer, then click on the Customize Quick Access Toolbar icon in the toolbard at the top of the interface and select the Touch / Mouse Mode line in the list.
How to change the mode using mouse or touch on Outlook Picture 1

Display Touch / Mouse mode in the toolbar

After you select the above option, a toolbar icon will appear between the two finger-shaped modes in the toolbar. And you just click this icon to switch according to the device you are using, changes are applied immediately and the interface will add a toolbar along the right.