Adobe's new Adobe Scan application turns your phone into a document scanner

Thanks to Adobe Scan, you can scan documents on your phone without resorting to bulky document scanners.

Called Adobe Scan, this application can capture document images, then convert them into PDF files right on the phone without the need for a scanner. Using the technology Adobe calls "advanced image processing technology" under the hands of Sensei, AI and Adobe's machine learning tools, the application will bring convenience to those who often work with document.

After scanning the text, the application will convert the text on the page into digital form. You can bookmark, add notes, edit and download text files to Adobe Document Cloud for easy access on your computer.

Let's take a look at the video introducing Adobe Scan application below.

After downloading and using, you will see Adobe Scan brings impressive results. The application automatically cuts out irrelevant areas around text and render into PDF files in seconds. Just remember that to edit or add notes to this PDF file on your phone, you'll have to download the Adobe Acrobat application, which is also completely free.

Adobe Scan is not the first document scanning application, TurboScan and CamScanner have been around for years. But these applications are not free and do not use the machine learning method Adobe. In addition, Adobe's application has the advantage of allowing it to be used with other products.

Adobe's new Adobe Scan application turns your phone into a document scanner Picture 1

Adobe Scan is similar to an application that Google launched in November called PhotoScan. The application also turns images on paper into digital photos, eliminating light trails and ghosts. Images can then be uploaded to Google Photos library for easy access from phones and computers. Although the feature is a bit different, the goal of both applications is to help users no longer need scanners.

Adobe Scan is provided for free on both iOS and Android.