Windows 10 disaster feature suddenly appeared on Windows 11

Remember News and Interests on Windows 10? It has just been brought back to Windows 11 by Microsoft in the latest build for the Dev channel.

News and Interests launched on Windows 10 a few months ago. It will display weather information on the Taskbar. When clicked, a panel will appear providing more detailed information about weather, news, calendar, sporting events, stock information .

Soon after its launch, News and Interests made users miserable when it caused the Taskbar to crash. Almost all Windows 10 users who turned on News and Interests then could not do anything on the Taskbar. As a result, the number of searches for how to turn off News and Interests skyrocketed.

Windows 10 disaster feature suddenly appeared on Windows 11 Picture 1

On Windows 11, News and Interests was initially transformed into a new feature called Widgets. Microsoft created a separate Widgets button on the Taskbar for users to access the information panel (same as News and Interests when enabled). Learning from News and Interests, most users have hidden the Widgets button to be sure.

Of course, Microsoft cannot leave its "child" to be rejected by users. In the latest update for the Dev channel (build 22158), the News and Interests button is back, located in the lower left corner of the screen. Microsoft doesn't call it a button anymore, it's a weather widget, hovering over this widget or clicking will open the Widgets panel.

By default, when the Taskbar is centered, the weather widget will be in the left corner of the Taskbar creating a balance between the two. However, if you left-align the Taskbar, the weather widget will show up as an additional icon. If the test is successful, this change will be included in the Windows 11 update in 2022.

What do you think about this old and new feature of Windows 11? As for me, I just don't get the error.