The best Microsoft OneNote download sites

OneNote provides a complete set of tools to create templates, but you can save time by downloading templates available from the web.

Microsoft OneNote 2016 has a lot of built-in templates with different layouts, styles, and tools to give your notes a consistent look.

OneNote provides a complete set of tools to create templates, but you can save time by downloading templates available from the web. Try one of the best Microsoft OneNote download sites below.

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How to install templates in OneNote 2016

When downloading the OneNote template file ending in .one, double-click the file to open it with Microsoft OneNote 2016. You will see a notification in the yellow bar 'To get the most out of OneNote, move this notebook to OneDrive. Click here to move '. (To get the most out of OneNote, transfer notebooks to OneDrive now, click on it to switch.)

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Step 1 : Open Templates by going to Insert> Page Templates and selecting the Page Templates command.

Step 2 : Click Save current page as a template .

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Step 3 : Set a unique name for the new template file.

Step 4 : If you want all new pages to use this new design, click Set as default template for new pages in the current section . (This step is optional).

Step 5 : Click Save . OneNote will add this new template to the list of templates available in the My Templates catalog.

Some websites download OneNote

1. Auscomp 

Auscomp for OneNote has the largest collection of OneNote templates designed to help users save time and work more efficiently. Free 12 OneNote templates include Kanban, GTD, real estate plan, family genealogy, travel organization, diary, recipes and more.

You can even download these templates even if you don't own a Windows device. To do so, access OneNote Notebook Importer (follow the link below) and click Import . This will navigate to your notebook folder location and then click Open to import it. You can preview all of these templates before deciding to download them.

2. Notegram 

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Notegram is a web application that provides a simple solution to install OneNote note templates. You just need to log in with your Microsoft account and click the Save button to save automatically to your default notebook, usually Quick Notes .

Because Notegram is independent of the platform, you can save it to OneNote on any device. There are many templates for different purposes such as a calendar calendar so you can create a calendar for the months of the year, daily plan templates, weekly plans, travel plans, etc.

3. OneNote Gem 

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OneNote Gem is a website that provides add-ins and applications to enhance the features of OneNote. The sample notes section has more than 15 templates to serve many different personal projects such as weekly exercises, appointments, time management and sample GTD.

For students, homework patterns, Cornell notes, daily schedules are very useful models for class activities.

4. Onetastic 

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Onetastic is a multifunctional add-in for OneNote 2016. It uses macros to increase the capabilities of OneNote. In addition to performing simple repetitive tasks quickly, macros can also create some simple note templates for everyday use.

Insert Monthly Calendar can insert calendars into OneNote pages, you just need to select the month, year and the first day of the month. Weekly Planner allows users to insert a simple weekly plan, you can select the start date of the week, layout, number of weeks to use in this plan. These are just some examples of macro templates that can be created. Visit the website to download more OneNote templates.

5. Awesome Planner 

If you want a full planning tool for OneNote, then this template comes with a lot of options. This plan is set by year with each month and weeks separated.

It also includes a number of pages such as a bulleted page, a page by cell, a bulleted page, a horizontal page, a vertical page. When downloading these templates, you will receive the file as a Zip file. When buying a template you will receive a download link and instructions in PDF, which cost $ 20.

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6. Simplify Days 

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Simplify Days has a collection of note templates for archiving, customer information management, note templates for banquets, etc.

The OneNote templates on this site are very beautiful, using custom fonts, beautiful background images that give a professional style to these note templates. To download these templates, type the name and email address, you will get the link to download the form as a ZIP file.