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Viber is a messaging and calling app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Viber offers free, high-quality audio and video calls, all protected through a secure, encrypted connection.

  1. Free software
  2. Version:
  3. Update date: January 21, 2021
  4. Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone

Download Viber here.

The Viber app also allows users to sync their history and transfer calls between their mobile device and desktop. Build and manage contacts and groups wherever you want, using Viber's extensive chat features and admin controls.

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Viber Features

Create the chats you want anywhere

Whether it's private phone chats, video calls, simple text messages, quick stickers or GIFs, Viber offers the functionality to stay in touch with those around you. A Viber account allows you to keep or store those contacts on all your devices - phone, tablet or computer. Viber's cross-platform capabilities keep you connected whether you're at home or on the go. Other features include:

  1. Quickly record and send voice or video messages
  2. Chat widget for sharing videos, music, GIFs and events
  3. Delete viewed messages to retract accidentally sent mistakenly
  4. End-to-end encryption to keep chats private

Play games on Viber

Viber offers a wide range of games designed by third-party developers using Viber Connect, a private API that allows you to log in with your Viber ID to connect with friends and contacts. Once connected, you can exchange gifts and in-game rewards or simply compare scores with each other.

Privacy and security

Any information you share on Viber is protected with built-in encryption. Viber cannot read your personal chats (whether they are private chats with one person or in a group) and it cannot listen to any video or audio calls. Due to the default terminal encryption, Viber also cannot access any of your sent or received messages. Group video calls and live chat are only visible to relevant people.

Since Viber has no way to access private calls or chats, this also means the company cannot share them for ad targeting. Your information cannot be accessed or sold to a third party or advertiser, so you won't be targeted by ads related to something that you and your friends are discussing over. conversation. This is a notable perk as many other social networking apps won't refuse to cross this line.

A free app for all communications

Viber is a great choice for free phone calls, video chat, or texting friends sharing mobile apps. Viber's interface can be cluttered, but still intuitive for new users and offers a ton of features, all protected by Viber's enhanced privacy and security measures. The app also offers many different features and games, but ultimately its utility depends on how many people in your contact list are also using Viber.


  1. Communication is encrypted
  2. Share media content
  3. Exclusive game
  4. Cross-platform synchronization


  1. SMS on many apps is not free
  2. Fewer users than the competition
  3. Confusing interface