What is Viber? Download the Viber app where

What is Viber? Download the Viber app where. Please read along with the following article of Network Administrator to find answers.

In Vietnam today, the traditional messaging application (SMS) is almost "extinct" instead of the throne of free mobile messaging applications like Zalo, Viber, Whatsapp .

There have been many applications in the village OTT appeared in Vietnam, but by the present time these applications have gradually disappeared and only exist some such names are Zalo, Viber, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Skype . can "survive" and are maintaining and developing the messaging application market.

In the previous article we sent to you read what is the article Zalo? In today's article, we will learn about Viber chat application, one of the applications that has been strongly developed in Vietnam a few years ago just after Zalo.

What is Viber?

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As well as the applications in the OTT family, Viber allows users to text, call, share videos, photos . for friends completely free on the phone or computer.

Viber's history?

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Viber is created by Viber Media, a company based in Cyprus and has a development center in Belarus and Israel. The company is managed by Talmon Marco, an American Israeli businessman.

On December 2, 2010, the public all over the world became known for the Viber application. By 2012 this chat application is gradually popular in Vietnam, this is considered the "golden age" of this application.

Currently, Viber is one of the leading applications of OTT in the world and in Vietnam. In the beginning, Viber only worked on mobile platforms, but now, Viber has been upgraded and can be used on computer devices (Windows, Mac .). To use Viber, your device must be connected to Wifi or use mobile data.

How to use Viber?

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To download Viber application is very simple, you only need to have a smartphone or computer with Internet access to download the application.

On mobile devices:

  1. With Android phones you can access the Google Play store to download Viber application. Or download this link.
  2. With your iPhone, you can go to the app store to download the Viber application to your phone. Or you can download it quickly by following this link.

On the computer:

For those who like to use on your computer to be able to operate faster when chatting, chit, you can download to your computer following this link.

After downloading the application, you only need to register an account with the phone number to use. After registration, the system will send a confirmation code to your phone. At this point, just enter that confirmation code to complete the registration.

During use, you can synchronize Viber data between your computer and your phone so you can contact your friends wherever you want.