Instructions for ghosting TIB files to reinstall windows

Ghost file TIB reinstalling win is not too new for technical people today. This form has been around for a long time, relatively simple compared to the usual ghost way.

However, this type is still not so popular because of the direct competition of different types and file formats GHO. Therefore, the following article we will guide the ghost file TIB to reinstall Win as quickly as possible.

What is a TIB file? Notes when ghosting TIB . files

The TIB file format is one of the image files used by Acronis True Image software with the ability to effectively backup in case of system failure.

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For the TIB ghost file, before doing so, everyone needs to note the following points:

Only ghost file TIB reinstall the computer in case it is really necessary, especially in case the computer is using a copyrighted Windows operating system. And if the system performance is a bit lower or there are minor errors, people can completely fix that error or reset the computer instead of ghosting the computer.

If your computer is using the latest version, when ghosting, absolutely do not ghost to windows 7. Because then, they will not be compatible with each other, leading to unstable operation.

In particular, everyone needs to store all important data before starting the ghost file TIB to reinstall the computer.

What to prepare before ghost TIB file reinstall win?

Check the computer again

Before instructing to ghost the computer TIB file, everyone needs to make sure that your computer is meeting UEFI or Legacy standards. Besides, the hard drive must also meet GPT or MBR standards.

Note, if the computer is UEFI standard, everyone's hard drive needs to be in GPT format. As for Legacy computers, everyone also needs to install the hard drive in MBR format. Besides, before performing computer ghost, everyone also needs to partition the hard drive according to their own wishes. After that, the TIB ghost file needs to be on a different drive than the one that everyone intends to ghost.

Download software Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image not only has the feature of backing up and restoring data, but they can also help newly created drives as well as restore the whole when users need to clean the computer system. Along with that, they also become the perfect tool to make the computer ghost process simpler and easier.

Outstanding features of Acronis True Image:

  1. Easily create backups from the original data itself and update any changes in real time.
  2. Media such as FTP, CDR or DVD is easily done as Acronis True Image provides the ability to
  3. quality booting.
  4. Easy on-demand virus scanning.
  5. High security mode using malware technology and built-in security functions.
  6. Compatible configuration

Instructions for ghosting a simple computer TIB file (UEFI standard)

To be able to ghost the computer with a TIB file, people need to follow these steps:

  1. Step 1: The first step for everyone to be able to ghost the computer TIB file is to install the Acronis True Image software.
  2. Step 2: Start the Acronis True Image software, click the Home tab, then in the Recover section, select My Disks
  3. Step 3: After the interface appears on the computer, everyone needs to click the Browse button, select the partition containing the TIB ghost file, continue to click OK to confirm. Then you need to select 'Next' to continue the process.
  4. Step 4: After the panel appears, in the Recover Method section, you need to select Recover whole disk and partition, continue to select 'Next' at the bottom.
  5. Step 5: You need to select the partitions and do not check MBR and Track 0 to be able to ensure the safety of all data on the disk's hard drive.
  6. Step 6: In the Setting of Partition 1-1 section, you need to select New Location to be able to partition the ghost file.
  7. Step 7: After that, people click on the Unallocated partition that you can prepare before, after clicking Accept you can do it. Continue to click 'Next' in the interface below to perform the next step.
  8. Step 8: Select Settings of Partition G, then select New location. Then the screen will appear a new interface, everyone needs to select the Unallocated partition, select Accept, select Next.
  9. Step 9: Switch to Settings of Partition C, select New location. Then, select Unallocated and click Accept, select Next.

Step 10: After completing all the above steps, everyone select Proceed to be able to start extracting the ghost file to the selected partition.

The process of extracting this file has 2 options: restart the computer or shutdown after the ghost is finished. Everyone needs to choose 1 of the 2 to best suit the current computer situation. Then wait for the TIB file to ghost the computer.

The process of extracting the ghost file will have 2 options to restart the computer or shutdown after the ghost is finished. We click on one of the two options and then wait for the above process to complete.

Above is the entire guide to installing TIB ghost file that we want to share with everyone through Acronis True Image software. Hopefully, through this article, if you have any problems with the traditional *.gho ​​file, you can also use the TIB file format to ghost your computer quickly and conveniently.