How ghost Windows 7/8, Windows 10 with OneKey Ghost

This guide can ghost Win 10, ghost Win 7, Win 8 or any Windows, all with just a few clicks.

Ghost computers are a fairly important job for technology people, especially for software hobbyists. After a long time of operation, installing more software, getting a virus, the computer will run slowly, hang, freeze, errors flutter up. It is time to reinstall Win, but this job requires a lot of time, if you are busy or do not want to reinstall Win, the ghost machine will be the most suitable choice. It has solved the system performance problem, restores the computer to the most stable state, saving both time and effort.

One of the best ghost machine tools for lazy people, limited time is OneKey Ghost . Whether creating a ghost or ghost machine you just need a few clicks. This ghost computer can be used to ghost Win 10, ghost Win 7, Win 8 or any Windows. Well, don't worry, download OneKey Ghost, then start ghost ghost.

Create a Windows 7/8/10 ghost version with OneKey Ghost

Remember, only create the ghost version from the stable Windows version. I often create the ghost immediately after installing Windows , install the necessary programs and software, then create a ghost, save to USB or drive D, E to reserve. The method is very simple.

  1. Double click on OneKey's executable file Ghost.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the boot tool to scan ghost files (.GHO) on your computer (if there is no file, it will not scan).
  3. Choose Backup
  4. Select the path to save the ghost file in GHO WIM ISO ImageFile
  5. Select Yes for the application to create a ghost for the system.

How ghost Windows 7/8, Windows 10 with OneKey Ghost Picture 1

You can further set up by selecting other options for Restore or Backup jobs by clicking Advanced.

How ghost Windows 7/8, Windows 10 with OneKey Ghost Picture 2

If you do not have a ghost on your computer or USB, you will have to find a ghost on the network. This ghost may be compatible with your device or not, may even be attached with unsafe elements. So pay attention when downloading ghost versions on the network. If you or a ghost machine, it is best to install a clean copy of Win, create a backup ghost to use when needed.

Ghost computer with OneKey Ghost

For ghost Win 7, Win 8 or Win 10 you need to have its corresponding ghost file, by creating a reserve like above or downloading from the Internet.

Then start OneKey Ghost, the application will scan the computer and load into the ghost version it finds, you select the ghost version to extract> area to Restore> Yes .

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Then, you can safely surf read articles, find other tips, drink coffee, watch movies or do something and come back after about 20 minutes to enjoy the fruits. Everything will be automatically completed by OneKey Ghost, you don't need to move on anything.

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Pretty simple, isn't it? Hope you enjoy it.

Note: There are some antivirus software that will indicate viruses, you need to adjust to the security section or turn off the antivirus software. You can use it normally.

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