5 new features of Microsoft Edge

After switching to the Chromium kernel (like the Google Chrome web browser), Microsoft's Edge web browser has continuously made notable improvements. With the latest version 90.0.818.46, the Edge web browser brings you 5 new features that can help increase your productivity.

1. Search in the box next to Sidebar Search

Apple Mac users love the 'Search with Google' option found in the Safari web browser shortcut menu, as they don't have to paste copied text into a new Tab to search. .

Microsoft's Edge web browser also makes you more satisfied with the introduction of a right pane or quick search bar, allowing you to search on the spot without opening a new Tab. Note that Edge searches using the default Bing search engine.

To activate the quick search box on the right, you select a piece of text on a web page and then right-click. Next, you select 'Search Bing in sidebar for…', or press Ctrl + Shift + E, to see the search results of the text in the right pane. From here, you can continue a quick search for other keywords, if you don't turn off the right pane.

2. Install website as app

With this feature, the Edge web browser will make it a lot easier for you to manage frequently visited websites. You can choose to place the website on the main desktop or Start menu, for the convenience of opening it every day.

To set up a website as an app, you start by going to a website that you open every day. Next, click the three-dot button in the upper right corner of the Edge web browser, then select Settings> Apps> Install this site as an app, give the site a memorable name, and then hit the Install button. The web page will then open in a separate, completely independent window because there is no address bar and other distracting elements.

To manage these app websites, open the Settings> Apps> Manage Apps menu. Here, you can uninstall the app, choose to place it on your Desktop and Start menu and grant the site permissions.

3. Capture web images with Web Capture

This feature helps you to quickly capture the look and feel of a web page, without having to install additional extensions or rely on another web service. However, in order to capture the full image, you need to scroll down the entire web page before you can start capturing.

To capture the look and feel of a web page, click the three-dot button in the upper right corner, choose Web Capture in the drop-down menu, or press Ctrl + Shift + S. the web page or the whole page (including the invisible areas below). After taking a picture, you can add the note, copy it to the Clipboard cache, or download it to your computer.

4. Pin Tab in Microsoft Edge

If you start your day-to-day work with certain websites, this feature will help you get them right away when you open your Edge web browser, without having to bother opening each web page every day. These Tabs will be kept fixed like the applications on the taskbar.

To pin a web page in a Tab tab, right-click the Tab's title, and choose Pin Tab. The titles of the Pinned Tabs will be greatly reduced, so you can pin multiple tags without affecting the other Tab tags. When you want to free a pinned Tab, just right-click on its title and choose Unpin Tab.

5. Pin the site to the Taskbar

Also to help you start work faster and not forget the workflow, Microsoft Edge also allows you to pin web pages to the taskbar.

To use this feature, open the web page that you need to visit multiple times, then click the three-dot button in the upper right corner. Next, you select More Tools> Pin to Taskbar, give the website a memorable name, then click the Pin button.

It's also important to note that the Edge web browser must be selected as the default web browser, before this can be enabled. You can set it up in Windows 10's Settings tool, or by choosing More Tools> Launch taskbar pinning wizard, then choosing Microsoft recommended settings on the third screen, clicking the Confirm button, and then reopening the Edge web browser.