Top 10 extensions to help increase learning efficiency on Google Chrome

Share with you 10 extensions to support learning and work more effectively. Extensions for students and students ...

Extension is an extension of a web browser, depending on the role and value of use, each extension will help users browse the web more effectively.

With the increasing demand for online learning of Internet users, it is extremely necessary to choose applications, software, extensions . to support learning and working.

So, in this article, I will introduce and share with you 10 extremely useful open extensions on Google Chrome and browsers using the Chrome kernel to help you study and work better.

Each utility will help you to solve a certain problem in the learning and working process, so please read carefully to choose the right extension.

My introduction is one thing, you choose the really necessary utilities to install. Do not install too much will slow down the computer (if your computer configuration is low, less RAM) .

Top 10 extensions to help increase learning efficiency on Google Chrome Picture 1

1. Work Mode - Block ALL Social Media URL Block (Block Website)

Link to install the Work Mode utility here!

This add-on will help you detox social networks (like Facebook, Instagram .). When enabled, it will block all social networking and entertainment websites.

In addition, you can also use this utility to block by keywords you set yourself, the only thing you can do now is only study. Quite useful, guys!

2. Just Read: (Block things that interfere with reading)

Link to install the  Just Read here!

This extension is pretty cool as you can remove annoying elements during reading like page styles, ads, pop-ups and website comments, and you can even edit the CSS of the page. web to customize as you like, .

3. Dayboard: New Tab & Site Blocker (Create to-do list)

Link to install the Dayboard utility here!

If you often forget, or in a day there are too many tasks to solve, the Dayboard utility will be very suitable for you. It will help you create to-do lists very quickly.

Each day this utility will give you 5 items to add to your to-do list, which will help you filter out the essentials and the non-essentials for that day so you don't have to mess around in choosing what to do. do.

In addition, this add-on also has a feature that prevents you from accessing distracting sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube….

4. StayFocusd (Limit browsing time)

Link to install StayFocusd here!

StayFocusd helps you limit the time spent on a website, which can increase efficiency in learning and help you know how much time is left, so that you can come up with an appropriate usage plan. physical.

5. Noisli (Listen to the sounds of relaxation and concentration)

Link to install Noisli utility here!

When there is too much noise around you, it is very difficult to focus on studying and working. The Noisli utility will help you create relaxing sounds to drown out annoying noises.

Gives you greater focus with sounds of your choice and personalized to your preference.

6. Hypothesis - Web & PDF Annotation (Annotation on Web)

Link to install Hypothesis here!

If you regularly search for documents on the web, Hypothesis will help you note what's on the web and also your own PDF files so you can read them later, it also helps you share with a group of people or publicly. OK.

7. Save to Pocket (Save Web content)

Link to install Save to Pocket here!

Save to Pocket will help you save useful articles, images, videos and links. Once saved, your content will appear on all the devices where you've synced your account.

This utility has an app for Mobile as well, so you can sync and use it easily.

8. RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS (See tab usage time)

Link to install RescueTime here!

View and statistics the time you spend on each tab on Google Chrome web browser, Edge Chromium .

This will give you a more objective view of the time you have spent on a certain TAB. If you are away from your computer for a few minutes, RescueTime will automatically determine when you are away and stop monitoring. So the tracking is pretty accurate!

9. InsertLearning (Create questions and notes for teachers and students)

  1. Link to install interactive learning here!

This utility is great for teachers as they can add questions and notes on any website.

And when students have access to, and students can answer questions after finding useful information on the web, this extension enhances an interactive learning experience.

10. Grammar and Spell Checker - LanguageTool (English spelling checker)

Link to install Grammar and Spell Checker here!

As a useful spelling checker extension, Grammar and Spell Checker will assist you in practicing your writing skills in foreign languages ​​(English, .).

Okay, so I have introduced to you 10 extensions on the web browser to support learning more effectively.

Each utility will solve a certain problem, choose the utilities that you find most suitable to install. Wish you choose the right extension!