Microsoft announced the feature update roadmap for Microsoft Edge in the near future

Microsoft has just released a feature update roadmap for Microsoft Edge in the next few months. Some of the new features coming to Edge include Tab Groups, price history in the shopping experience, an improved Picture-in-Picture feature, and free highlighting in PDF files.

You can find the full list of new features below.

Microsoft announced the feature update roadmap for Microsoft Edge in the near future Picture 1

Free text boxes added to PDF documents

Starting with version 94, Microsoft Edge supports adding free text boxes to PDF documents that you can use to fill out forms and add visible notes.

Launch PWA instead of browser with URL link

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 97, you can choose to launch the browser in a PWA instead of the full native browser.

Tab Groups

The ability to categorize tabs into user-defined groups helps find, switch, and manage tabs more efficiently across multiple workflows. To enable this feature, enable Tab Groups starting with Microsoft Edge version 93.

Price history in the shopping experience

Price history helps you decide if now is the best time to buy a product. You can now see price changes on the products you care about on and 9 other retailers, providing a fast, stress-free shopping experience.

Citation support added to Collections

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 95, the Collections experience has been improved, especially for students and researchers. Collections will begin to support citations and reading lists.

New Policy supports more flexibility during Microsoft Edge startup

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 94, business administrators will have more flexibility in the options they choose in their startup policy. This will include the ability to specify a start page, add/remove additional pages, and continue where it left off, and ensure that the set of pages specified by that policy is also open.

View video in Picture in Picture (PiP) mode from the toolbar

Starting with Edge 93, it's easier to enter Picture in Picture (PiP) mode. When hovering over a supported video, a toolbar will appear allowing you to view the video in the PiP window.

Highlight freely on PDF

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 94, the experience of marking up and viewing PDFs will be improved with the addition of free highlighting. This will allow highlighting parts of the PDF that you may not have permission to comment on as well as scanned documents.

Notifications from web apps show as coming from PWA

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 94, notifications from PWA web applications will no longer appear as coming from Microsoft Edge, but will instead show the name of the web application.

Hide title bar when using Vertical Tabs

Get back a few extra pixels by hiding the browser's title bar while in Vertical Tabs. Starting with Microsoft Edge version 93, you can go to edge://settings/appearance and in the Customize Toolbar section, select the option to hide the title bar when in Vertical Tab mode.

Automatic translation for unknown languages

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 94, when navigating to a page that is displayed in a language other than the one you have set up, Microsoft Edge will automatically translate the content of the page into your primary language. You are then given the option to return to the original page or turn off other automatic translations.

Initial Preferences in Microsoft Edge

Deploying Microsoft Edge to your business will be easier since version 93, with the addition of Initial Preferences.

Improved handover between IE mode and modern browsers

Starting with Microsoft Edge version 95, the transition between the modern browser experience and the IE mode experience will be improved. The referrer header, post data, form data, and request method will now be properly forwarded between the two experiences.

Family Safety

Improved protection on sites like Families using Microsoft Family Safety will soon see improvements to content filtering. Parents will also have more peace of mind knowing filtering settings for allowed sites and blocked sites have also been improved for sites like to prevent kids from navigating to unauthorized videos.

Enable multiple EDU sites with one click

When using 'Only use allowed websites' mode, parents will see the option to add educational websites to whitelist with one click.