4 best alternative security messaging apps for Facebook Messenger

Messenger has long been the integrated messaging platform of the world's largest social networking site Facebook. Therefore, thanks to the growth of Facebook, Messenger has quickly become one of the most popular online messaging applications on multiple platforms today.

However, the popularity of Messenger is completely not directly proportional to the comprehensiveness or the experience it brings to users, especially when it comes to security - privacy. Just like Facebook, the management, exploitation and sharing of user data on Messenger have never brought absolute trust.

This is the reason why more and more people are looking for alternatives to Messenger. If you are also one of these, try to refer to the 4 names below.


Signal is a brand new cross-platform online messaging app that is receiving a lot of attention.

Developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger, the focus of this application is towards optimal security for users. All messages that you send and receive on Signal are securely encrypted and can include files, voice notes, pictures, and videos.

All conversations and communications in any form on Signal are end-to-end encrypted between devices. Every voice or video call connected through the app includes full end-to-end encryption. Not even the Signal Foundation, which owns Signal, can't even view your messages without your permission.

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Not only that, Signal also has a private key so that no one can access the application even if they have permission to use your phone. Also, All Signal chats are only stored on your device by default, instead of the developer cloud as usual.

Signal is currently considered as the safest platform among all the current messaging applications, the choice of many agencies and organizations, including the European Commission.


One of Facebook Messenger (and WhatsApp's) biggest competitors right now is Telegram. Telegram provides an extremely intuitive interface, easy to get to know and easy to use, with many similarities as Messenger.

When it comes to security and features, however, Messenger is completely 'no door' compared to Telegram. This online messaging platform supports essential utilities such as creating a chat group that can hold up to 200,000 members, unlimited media file size and allowing users to share any type of file. data, as well as support for many customizable stickers, animations and backgrounds .

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On the security side, Telegram is a really powerful platform. You can create end-to-end encrypted "secret" messages with the 'self-destruct' capability. Telegram offers syncing messages with cloud storage - you can even log in to Telegram on the web and continue your chats extremely conveniently.


It may sound strange, but Threema is a very prominent emerging star in the online messaging app market, especially when it comes to security.

However, this app will not be free, but a one-time fee for forever ($ 2.99 on both App Store and Play Store). In return, you get all the most advanced security options in the world of messaging apps, such as open source end-to-end encryption for both text and calls in the background. platform.

Like Signal, Threema will not ask you to associate any phone or email numbers with your account. All chats are processed anonymously and the application will generate a random user ID when you visit, register for the first time. No data is collected from any of your chats. And of course no ads are displayed on the platform either.

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Threema has its own server located in Switzerland, which does not store any user's chat messages. Another security benefit of Threema is that all of your contact lists, groups and user profiles are stored locally on your device, not on a server located in Switzerland. Therefore, you can rest assured that none of your personal information is stored outside.


Viber has everything you need in an app that replaces Messenger. Voice and video calls are the backbone of the app, and both are end-to-end encrypted by default.

Like Telegram, Viber allows you to participate in extremely large group chats on any topic. In addition, you can also perform a series of custom actions with messages such as recall, edit, timer self-deleted messages .

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Viber allows you to verify the identity of anyone you are chatting with through a secret key exchange. If anything changes in your contact list with the people you communicate with, Viber will immediately send you an alert. The ability to turn off your online status and hide it when you want to are also cool features that enhance privacy.

The app itself is free, although international calls can be made at low rates.