What is BFF? What does BFF mean?

What is BFF and in what case? Let's read the article of the Network Administrator to find the answer.

What is the meaning of BFF?

BFF is an English acronym that is used a lot on social networks, fully written as Best Friends Forever , which means "Forever best friends" . BFF will only be intimate friends can be male or female, the soul mate who always helps you in difficult times, sharing all joys and sorrows in life.

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BFF is used a lot on social networks, on forums, and is one of the current acronyms on Facebook. In addition, if you use BFF on Facebook, we can understand it as Best Facebook On Friend, which means that you are good friends on Facebook. BFF regardless of the situation used in daily life, can send emails, write Facebook status, or even appear in the lyrics so that we can talk about any of our close friends.

Besides using BFF to refer only to close friends, we also have another acronym BF to refer to the abbreviation of Boy friend (boyfriend), or can also be understood as Best friend (best friend). The acronym GF is the meaning of the full word Girl friend.

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So each letter abbreviated BFF, please BF, GF all have different meanings but generally refer to friends. When the year is the true meaning of the word, the use of words will be more accurate.

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