Top 10 best free ringtone download websites

If you've ever scoured the Internet to find free ringtones for your phone, you've probably discovered that this task is not easy. This article will introduce 8 completely free ringtone download websites.

If you've ever scoured the Internet to find free ringtones for your phone, you've probably discovered that this task is not easy. Many websites download ringtones "labeled" as free, but when they download, they realize they are not completely free. On some pages, when clicking on the download link, users are redirected to a page full of ads, some pages require account registration or payment.

Note: iPhone and other iOS users cannot download ringtones directly to their phone and set as ringtones. This feature is only available on Android devices. If you are using an iPhone, you can still use the websites below, but you must first download it to your computer and use it to transfer ringtone files to your phone or use the GarageBand app, see How to Create iPhone ringtones without iTunes or computer using GarageBand for free to learn how to create ringtones on iPhone.

Tip: If you download a ringtone file in a format that is not compatible with your device, you can use a free audio conversion program to convert the file to the correct format for your device. Android and BlackBerry devices use the MP3 format while iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad use the M4R format.

1. Zedge .net

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Zedge has a large community of users who create and upload ringtones of many genres suitable for many types of mobile phones. Users can download it to their computer or download it directly on their phone.

For user convenience, Zedge provides a list of categories for each type of mobile phone. The site also has a search box at the top to find more specific ringtones. In addition, Zedge also has an impressive library of themes and wallpapers.


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The Notification Sounds website provides notification sound files divided into categories such as animal sounds, message sounds, alarm sounds, sound effects, funny sounds and Christmas ringtones. When downloading ringtones or message tones, users can select and download the file in a format suitable for their device.

3. F

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With the Fun For Mobile site, you can find ringtones, videos, images, games, chat rooms and more for free on Fun for Mobile. If you are wondering which ringtone to download for your phone, you can search in the "Daily Top Tones" section and see the top 150 ringtones of the day. In addition to the 'Daily Top Tones' section, there are also featured tones, new tones and popular tones sections. All ringtones at Fun For Mobile are in MP3 format.


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If you are looking for a simple website to download ringtones, then check out Tones7, it offers a very simple service with a simple design for easy downloading of ringtones.

A convenient feature of this website is that users can preview the ringtone in the browser before downloading it. Tones7 provides ringtone files in MP3 and M4R formats. Additionally, you can upload your ringtones to the website to share with other users.


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Another source of free ringtone downloads is, which allows users to download ringtones to their computer or phone and upload their music files to the website. The website divides the ringtone categories into funny ringtones, message and alert tones, sound effects, international ringtones, dance music, Bollywood and ringtones from movies and TV.


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Melofania is a great ringtone download site with many features. In addition to finding a variety of music from different artists and downloading their ringtones, you can also create ringtones from YouTube videos or even upload your own music to the site.

You can find your favorite ringtones using the search function at the top of the page and then listen first to choose whether to download or not because it may have many different versions. After choosing your favorite ringtone, click on the Android or iPhone button and select the ringtone with the format you need. Android users can download ringtones directly to their phones, but iOS users need to use a computer or iTunes as an intermediary tool.

Note : Downloading ringtones created from popular songs is a copyright violation. Therefore, you should use Melofania for music you own and have the rights to modify and use as ringtones.


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MyTinyPhone has a huge ringtone collection with a total of more than half a million songs. Ringtones are neatly arranged into many categories such as Jazz, Rock, Funny, etc., making it easy for users to find.

Each ringtone has a star rating and number of views, helping you quickly filter popular ringtones. However, one annoying thing is that when you click on the large play button in the category page, you will be taken to that ringtone's page, so you can listen to it. You can download ringtones in MP3 or M4R format.


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Audiko is another popular website that allows you to download user-created ringtones. It also allows you to create your own ringtones by uploading your favorite songs. On the home page you will see popular ringtones, SMS ringtones and top artists in the country where you live. Scroll down a bit and you'll find links to popular genres you can check out.

When you open a specific ringtone page, you'll see an option to listen to the ringtone's tones and versions. If you like this ringtone, you can click the download button to start the download process. However, you will have to create an account to download ringtones from Audiko, but the upside is that all downloaded ringtones are saved in your account and you can download the iOS or Android version at any time. you want.

Audiko has an app for Android that is free to use and does all the things you can do on the website. There is also a paid iOS app for $0.99 but you don't need to download it as it has the same features as on the website, you still need a computer and iTunes to transfer music to your iPhone.


You can find some funky ringtones on CellBeat. Drum, Bass, Children, Gospel, Hip Hop, Political, Soul , etc. are the genres you will find as you scroll down the long list on CellBeat. Of course, a few empty categories, without any ringtones in them, can be a bit annoying.

The information for each ringtone is quite detailed. Use the Most Recent, Most Downloaded, Highest Rated and Most Views filters to download the right ringtone for your iPhone.

iPhone and Android ringtones are available as M4R and MP3 files.


You must select your device before this site will allow you to view ringtones. This helps access the correct ringtones that work with your phone. Once you register and log in to the site, search through the Hot, New, Best or Editor's Choice filters to narrow down your choices.

The site claims to have an extensive library of 25,718 free iPhone ringtones. All free ringtone files are contributed by the community. You'll also find plenty of India-specific ringtones, among options from around the world.

The only annoying thing is that there is a small waiting period before downloading the M4R file starts. There is a small banner urging you to sign up for a Premium account and skip the wait.

The popularity of long ringtones may have diminished, and they are no longer even suitable for today's modern cell phones. No doubt! Custom ringtones are still the most suitable choice at this time.

If you find the standard ringtones on your iPhone too boring, cut out your favorite song, download a ringtone app, or just download one of the tunes from the sites suggested in this article. All that's left for you to do is import that ringtone file to your iPhone. Refer to the article: How to create iPhone ringtones with iTunes for detailed instructions.

Hope you find the right choice for yourself!