How to Merge Facebook Pages

If you're doing business on Facebook, there's a good chance that your customers and fans have unintentionally created Facebook pages that attract views that were meant for your main page. This often happens when you have a specific address and Facebook users mistakenly type that address when posting (checking in). If you combine those pages, you can have all your fans and customers referring to one page so you can easily control messaging and marketing.

Prepare the Necessary Things

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Make sure the pages have met the merge standards. Facebook only includes pages when they meet the following conditions:

You must have Manager rights on all pages that are about to be merged.

Pages must have similar content. Thus, you cannot combine a page about NGOs and a page about recordings.

Pages must have similar names. For example, you can combine 'Cool Page' and 'Cool Page 2', but you can't combine 'Cool Page' with 'Completely Different Page'. If the page names are not the same, you need to change the page names so that they are similar. Go to the page, click Edit, then click Update Page Info. Next, type a new name in the Name section. You can only change the name if the page has less than 200 likes.

If possible, pages should have the same address.

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Confirm that the pages you intend to merge belong to you. If you intend to include user-generated pages containing your address, you must confirm that the page belongs to your company. You must demonstrate that you truly represent the company.

To claim that a page belongs to you, go to the page and click the (".") button at the top of the page. Select 'Is this your business?' (Is this your business?) and fill out the form. You may be asked to provide documentation proving that you are in business. Once you've completed the claim process, you can merge that page with your main business page.

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Think carefully about which pages to keep. When merging pages, the page with the most likes will be saved and the other pages will be merged into it. User-created pages will be permanently deleted, leaving only the page with the most likes with the most followers, reviews and check-ins.

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Save necessary content on old pages. Any photos or posts on the old page will be deleted forever. So, make sure you upload images to the main page and copy important articles.

Merge Pages

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Open the page with the most likes. You will perform the merge operation from this page. You need to open that site's Admin Panel.

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Click the Edit Page button. Then select Edit Settings.

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Click Merge duplicate Pages. This button is located at the bottom of the menu. If you don't see this button, Facebook hasn't detected pages that are eligible to merge. In this case, you need to carefully check whether the pages you want to merge meet the criteria.

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Confirm the pages you want to merge. A list of duplicate pages will be detected and displayed. Check the box next to the page you want to merge with the main page. When you click the Merge Pages button, all followers, reviews, and check-ins will be added to your main page. At the same time, all content posted on old pages will be deleted.

You may have to wait up to 14 days for your page merge request to be approved. You will soon receive an email notification that the page has been merged successfully or unsuccessfully.