How to create Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Online meetings on Messenger Rooms can now be done right on Instagram, when we just need to press the button to create a video call on Instagram.

Messenger Rooms was created to solve the problem of organizing meetings with the number of participants up to 50 people, without any time limit or participants. Anyone who receives the link can join the meeting room on Messenger, even if you don't have a Facebook account or don't log in to Facebook.

And now when you add Messenger Rooms to Instagram, you can send links to Instagram accounts for them to join the Messenger meeting room. The following article will guide you how to create Messenger Rooms on Instagram.

Instructions for using Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Step 1:

At the interface on Instagram we click the send message icon . You will then see the Create meeting message .

Step 2:

Now the feature to create Messenger Rooms is displayed, click Trial . Display Instagram accounts for us to send meeting invites to , click Send . When the invitation is finished, click Done below.

Step 3:

Now display a new message, click Create meeting room under the name . The Messenger meeting room link is displayed, we click Join the meeting room .

Step 4:

Instagram will display a pop-up message to leave Instagram and open Messenger to join the meeting room, click Open to access the Messenger Room. Now we will access the Messenger Room on the phone's default browser. The next steps you perform as usual.

Video creating meeting rooms for Messenger on Instagram