Fix Safari page reload error FAST - ERROR

The issue of Safari failing to reload pages is not a device issue. This situation happens by chance, but some people often encounter it.

The problem of Safari failing to reload pages is usually not a device issue. This condition occurs randomly but some people encounter it regularly. So what is the problem and how to fix it? 

The reasons why Safari fails to reload pages often cannot be determined accurately. But errors constantly affect your work. But experts concluded: 'It certainly has no relationship with iPhone or Mac malware.' 

Browser issues can be caused by updates and reinstallations. Do an initial full system reset and troubleshooting begins.

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Safari had a page reload error due to the network

The problem of page reload errors is often related to network problems. You can reset your iPhone or iPad's network to reset: 

  1. Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. (Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings)

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  1. With Wifi network you can check and temporarily disconnect then reconnect. Go to Safari browser to check again. 
  2. With a newly registered mobile network, you may have to restart your iPad/iMac. 
  3. Press and hold Power for about 10-15 seconds to restart the device. 

How to fix Safari page reload error

When determining that the most common error is due to Safari's update sheet, we can solve the problem by updating the system and program. Make sure that malicious cyber infections do not interfere with this process. 

Therefore, try disabling network tools, Or run an AV tool to find PUPs or errors. 

How to Update the System: 

  1. Settings > General > Software Update > Tap on auto-update > turn on iOS update download > iOS update settings. 

Your device will then automatically update to the latest iOS or iPadOS version and fix Safari page reload error.

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Check for updates for errors?

In contrast to the error due to not being updated, there are also cases where Safari fails to reload the page due to a problem with the new updated version. Therefore we need to check if the problem lies here. 

  1. Check which version you're using: Go to About Safari at the top. Then a dialog box appears with the running Safari Version
  2. Find the update panel for macOS through System Preferences > Software Update if a newer version is available. 
  3. Similar to iOS you can find General Tab > Software Update

Clear cache on Safari

Here's a simpler way to fix it. 

  1. Go to Safari > Clear history > See All history > Confirm Delete history
  2. Go specifically to clear cache. 


  1. Open Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage website data.
  2. Clear all cookies and cache by clicking Clear All.

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It's possible that the site is geo-restricted by VPN

  1. VPNs may prevent Internet service providers and third parties from allowing anonymity. Therefore page reload errors can also appear due to this limitation issue. 
  2. You can bypass VPN geo-restrictions. Then watch services like Netflix, BBC, Disey+. .

Handles private iCloud forwarding checks

  1. When signed up for iCloud+ and using the Private Forwarding feature. There may be a situation where Safari has an error reloading the page. So try reloading the page without the private transition. 
  2. Menu in Safari > View > Reload and show IP address 

Try reinstalling Java 

The above methods may not be able to resolve the error. You can try uninstalling Java and reinstalling it to see if the error in Safari reloading the page has been resolved.

Above is a summary of solutions when Safari has a page reload error. TipsMake wishes you success in overcoming it!