Microsoft launched Windows File Manager on Windows 10

The current Windows File Manager application is downloaded from the Windows Store on Windows 10.

According to the latest information from Microsoft, the Windows File Manager application has been provided for Windows 10 through a direct download link from the Windows Store.

The Windows File Manager application released on Windows 3.0, is a file management program from Windows versions that appeared from 1990 to 1999. The application has a simple, simple interface, replacing MS-DOS command lines, File manager for copying, moving. However, to Windows 95, the application is replaced with Windows Explorer or File Explorer.

The starting point of Windows File Manager is a 16-bit application that has been upgraded to 32-bit. By 4/2018, the application is provided with binary and open source code.

With Windows 10, users can download it on Microsoft Store according to the link below.

  1. Download the Windows File Manager application

To install the application, the computer needs to install Windows 10 build 16299 or higher. Or it can be installed on mobile, Surface Hub and HoloLens.

The Windows File Manager project is still released via GitHub and shared by Microsoft as follows: "Windows File Manager has revived and ran as an x86 and x64 desktop application on all Windows versions, including Windows 10".

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