How to type Vietnamese on Windows 10

How to type Vietnamese in Windows 10? Using Unikey or error, not typing Vietnamese standard on Microsoft Edge? ... All the above problems will be overcome when you finish reading the article below!

How to type Vietnamese on Windows 10? You cannot import Vietnamese on Microsoft Edge browser? Why?

  1. Download Unikey for free for Windows
  2. Download GoTiengViet latest version

In recent days, many readers have asked questions for about typing Vietnamese on Windows 10, as well as Microsoft's new Edge browser. And to answer, we have experimented with many different software, and give the final list of 2 applications that support familiar Vietnamese typing: Unikey by Pham Kim Long and GoTiengViet by Tran Ky Nam ( link to download the latest version you see above).


This software is inherently familiar to most of us users, from Windows XP, to Windows Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 . and now is Windows 10. Unikey still fully meets our needs: typing Vietnamese, transcoding text, transferring fonts .

How to type Vietnamese on Windows 10 Picture 1


For those who use Unikey and get an error, please switch to Tran Ky Nam's GoTiengViet! Similar to Unikey, GoTiengViet is provided as a compressed file, just download the file to your computer, extract it and use it:

How to type Vietnamese on Windows 10 Picture 2

Note that the GoTiengViet download kit is available in 32 and 64 bit versions, please use the right version with the operating system.Good luck!