How to share YouTube videos privately with a password

ViewPure is a private YouTube video sharing service in another interface with a secure password, avoiding strangers watching videos.

When uploading videos to Youtube, the service will provide users with 3 modes for Public videos so anyone can watch videos, Not publicly only watch videos when there is a video URL and Private only you watch the video. With the Unlisted mode, even though you share a video link, it can be viewed but it is also unavoidable for video exposure.

If so, users can use the ViewPure service, watch YouTube videos in another interface with a password that secures videos, avoid being watched by strangers without your consent. ViewPure does not need an account to use and is completely free.

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Instructions for sharing Youtube videos with passwords

Step 1:

Read the link below to visit the ViewPure home page.


Step 2:

At the page interface, we can enter the video name to search or paste the YouTube video URL for video recognition service.

How to share YouTube videos privately with a password Picture 1

Step 3:

If searching for videos, we can filter videos and choose search mode for search results on ViewPure. When the search video appears, just click on the video in the list below.

How to share YouTube videos privately with a password Picture 2

Step 4:

The service will open the video you selected in the new interface. Here, click the gear icon at the bottom of the screen.

How to share YouTube videos privately with a password Picture 3

Step 5:

After that, the user will see there are options to set up the video.

  1. Enter password to protect : enter the password you want to protect the video to avoid watching the video without your consent. Before creating a password, users need to create a suffix for the video in the Enter custom URL . Note that the URL section is not allowed to set more than 11 characters and only alphabetic characters.
  2. Start time / End time : set the start and end time for the video you want others to see. If you want to watch the whole video, do not enter the time.

Finally press the Purify button to confirm the setting.

How to share YouTube videos privately with a password Picture 4

Step 6:

If the video is set to a password, the user presses the video password and presses on Unlock again . Finally copy the video URL in the address bar and send it to a friend.

How to share YouTube videos privately with a password Picture 5

So we will share the video via the ViewPure link. If they want to see it, you need to have the password you sent to open the ViewPure page. Users will no longer need to submit the URL URL Youtube.

In addition, ViewPure's video viewing interface is very simple, there are no comments, no video proposal frames, and you're completely focused on watching videos. A video can generate multiple URLs and passwords when re-clicking the gear, but the video URL on ViewPure cannot overlap.

Step 7:

If we want to use it quickly without accessing the home page interface, go back to the ViewPure main interface, in the Use it anywhere section drag the Purify button at the home page to the bookmark bar .

So when you want to use ViewPure just click on the Purify icon on the bookmark bar.

How to share YouTube videos privately with a password Picture 6

A YouTube video sharing service is extremely convenient when securing YouTube videos with a password. The view of Youtube videos is also simple and hide the content without need such as comments, suggested videos.

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I wish you all success!