How to know if the iphone has fallen into the water

Tips for buying an iPhone to avoid buying a device that falls over the water.

Currently used and portable iPhones are widely sold in the market and there are many potential risks for consumers, if not paying careful attention when buying these models, we are very easy to buy. phony machines, or machines that once fell into the water. Therefore the following article will guide you to read some tips when buying an iPhone to avoid having to buy the machine crashed through the water.

There are many ways to check if your old iPhone is good. Before applying these in-depth tests, users can quickly check the external appearance of the phone based on the naked eye to be able to immediately remove the phones that have fallen into the water by looking at the SIM slot. , hand listening jack or phone charging port.

How to know if the iphone has fallen into the water Picture 1

When you look inside the SIM slot, plug in the headset or the charging port if the piece of paper is red, it indicates that the machine has been dropped in the previous country.

In case if the iPhone accidentally falls into the water, the " emergency " device needs to be fast and timely, here are the steps to save your iPhone: first get the device out of the country As soon as possible, quickly remove the Sim and turn off the phone, finally use a dehumidifier or put the phone in the rice container for 1-2 days, then take the machine to start again.

In case users want to save data from watered iPhones, can refer to applications such as Cisdem iPhoneRecoveryiPhoneRecovery or Wondershare Dr.Fone .