How to factory reset iPhone without password

You can't access your iPhone? Forgot the password of your phone? And you want to factory reset your iPhone without the password?

In this article, I will share with you 3 safest ways to factory reset your iPhone, which is to use iTunes to restore factory settings, or reset settings original iPhone directly on the phone, or use the famous software from UltFone to restore factory settings for iPhone without password. Apply the way you feel is best for you.


Use iTunes to factory reset without the password


Conditions : You can only apply this method in case you have previously synced your iPhone with iTunes on your computer. Because if you have synced your iPhone with iTunes before, you will not be asked for the password again.

And one more important thing, a factory reset like this will lose all data on your phone, so please consider before doing it.

Implement :

  1. Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer. Then start the iTunes software on your computer.
  2. Step 2: Click the Restore iPhone button.
  3. Step 3: Next, click the Restore button to perform the restore.
  4. Step 4: Click Next to continue.
  5. Step 5: Click the Agree button to agree to the terms of use of the software.
  6. Step 6: Now wait, wait for iTunes to download the iOS version and restore your iPhone.

See details on how to factory reset iPhone using iTunes here:


Reset iPhone factory settings directly on the phone without a password


Condition : To do this way, the condition is that you have previously performed an iCloud backup before. And another condition is that your Find my iPhone feature must be activated so that Apple can know exactly if you are the owner of this phone or not.

Implement :

  1. Step 1: Go to Settings => General => Select Reset => then use the option Erase all content and settings.
  2. Step 2: Your iPhone will now reboot, and the setup process will begin. Just like when you first bought a phone, the setup steps are generally very easy.
  3. Step 3: You select the Restore from iClound Backup feature => then find the backup file you saved before.

See details on how to factory reset iPhone here.


Restore iPhone factory settings with UltFone iOS System Repair software

If you can't do and follow method 1 and method 2 above, then maybe method 3 is a good choice for you.

UltFone iOS System Repair software has a lot of interesting features and among them is the ability  to reset  your iPhone to factory settings without a password.

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This software supports all popular iPhone models today. You can also use it for both iPad and iPod touch. Follow the steps below to factory reset your iPhone iPhone

Step 1: Download UltFone iOS System Repair here.

Step 2: Install it on your computer.

Step 3: Run the program and select the "Reset Device" option in the bottem to the right of the main interface.

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Note: To ensure a successful repair of your iOS system, we recommend that you connect your iOS device to your computer using an original Apple Lightning to USB cable.

Step 4: Then you will see a new screen, Select "Factory Reset" and click "Factory Reset" button to enter the firmware download page.

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Step 5: You will now need to download the appropriate firmware package for yourself before resetting. You are also allowed to enter the firmware package manually.

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Step 6: Once the firmware package is downloaded, you can begin to reset your device. Once the process is complete, set up your iPhone as new.

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Once the process is complete, you can start using your iPhone normally. Very simple, right? You can watch detailed how-to videos below.


Review UltFone iOS System Repair

UltFone iOS System Repair is a powerful and highly efficient software that can help you solve a wide range of iOS problems. If you are facing any problem with your iOS device and want to find a quick and effective solution then UltFone iOS System Repair is the perfect software for you. The software offers potential solutions to a wide range of your iOS problems. The main features of the software are:


Functions of UltFone iOS System Repair

Restore iOS system in many situations . UltFone iOS system repair software is capable of repairing more than 150 iOS system problems, like stuck on Apple logo, black screen, reboot loop, recovery mode and even restore settings. root for iPhone/iPad without password.

Troubleshoot iOS / iPadOS / tvOS system without data loss . Using iTunes recovery will fix some iOS system problems but it will erase your data, while UltFone iOS System Recovery tool will repair the system without losing data. And it requires no technical knowledge, the whole process will be just a few clicks.

Fix 36+ Apple TV tvOS issues . UltFone iOS System Repair is a reliable tool to fix Apple TV system problems. You can easily fix problems like Apple TV keeps restarting/crashes, stuck in settings, loading bar, Apple logo and more.

Fix more than 200 iTunes errors . UltFone iOS System Repair can fix over 200 iTunes errors without erasing your data.

Downgrading from iOS beta or iOS Upgrade does not lose data . The program will list out all available firmware versions that Apple is still signing, you can choose the appropriate version to downgrade iOS. You can easily upgrade to the latest iOS version without iTunes and without the risk of damaging your phone during the upgrade process. Feel free to upgrade your system within a few clicks.

Factory reset iPhone/iPad/iPod without password . When you forgot your iPhone passcode and iPhone is disabled, this iOS system recovery tool allows you to reset iPhone, iPad, iPod to factory settings without password. After the reset, you can have full access to your iDevices.


Advantages of UltFone iOS System Repair

Strong. UltFone iOS System Repair can fix most iOS problems on any device running apple iOS, very few software are capable of such. If you are an iPhone user, then UltFone iOS System Repair can be your lifesaver. The app has a bunch of solutions for all kinds of iOS system problems and a bunch of other problems related to Apple devices. Overall, it's the most perfect package you can get

Simple operation. UltFone iOS System Repair comes with very simple to use functionality to operate. There are not many complicated instructions and you can easily solve your problem. You won't be confused, and you'll know exactly what's going on. You can see How to Use UltFone iOS System Repair here.

Clean interface. The software has a really neat and clean user interface, with the software guiding you through the different steps of whatever process you want to go through. You can also choose an iPhone model and get an optimized fix based on the model you use.

Cheap price. When it comes to price, UltFone iOS System Repair is the clear winner. It is affordable and also has a monthly plan, which almost no other program offers. In addition to the free version with limited functionality. The paid version with full functions is very cheap. This software has a much cheaper price than most other similar software with the same or even lower feature set.



Well, that's it, I've just shown you a very detailed guide on how to  reset your iPhone without a password  . And you also know more about the wonderful toolkit UltFone iOS System Repair , it's an easy to use and really useful tool that can solve a wide range of problems related to your iPhone. If you have an older iPhone or Apple device or even a new one, then UltFone iOS System Repair is definitely the "must" software for you.

Hope the article will be useful to you, good luck!