Convert YouTube to MP3 with oDownloader for free

If you are interested in tools that can be used for downloading videos from YouTube, you are just in the right place. Get to know more about what tools can be used.

Top converters that are pleasant to work with

As we know, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms almost everybody uses. Some enjoy watching educational videos, some prefer podcasts, some like entertaining content the most. The only thing that unites all people is the need to convert videos to MP3. This can be done due to numerous reasons: if a person wants to enjoy favorite content in an offline mode, or if a user is eager to create a collection of MP3s.

So, let's have a look at our rating of tools that can be really helpful.


This YouTube to MP3 converter will help you quickly and easily convert as many videos as you want to MP3 format. All you have to do is to copy the link to the video you are interested in, paste it into the corresponding field, select the quality. The process will start automatically. What else does this tool offer? Let's have a look.

  1. 1. Amazing speed.
  2. 2. Adjustable quality.
  3. 3. Full safety.
  4. 4. Compatibility with all platforms.
  5. 5. No advertising.
  6. 6. It is absolutely free!

As you can see, oDownloader is a nice option. Moreover, having chosen it, you don't have to download anything, which is great. That's why this tool is number 1 in our rating.

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Benderconverter is an extremely easy-to-use online video converter. To get what you want, just download the selected video, select the required format and wait for the process to complete. The finished result can be downloaded from the link provided. For unregistered users, there is a 100 MB source file size limit. To increase it, you will have to register and pay for activating a premium account. The service can convert video to 16 different formats. Moreover, 3 audio formats and the ability to create GIF-animation from video are also available.


Konvertor is another functional and free video converter. It allows you to adjust the resolution and quality of the output video. The huge advantage of the service is that it is absolutely free. is capable of converting videos into 14 formats. The possibility to create GIF – animation or work with videos directly from social networks is also provided. It is an excellent choice for the fast conversion of clips. Also, there is no file size limit.


Online-convert resource is not just a video converter, but a whole set of tools for converting files. Along with the video, transcoding of audio, text documents, archives, and e-books is possible. The converter is really functional. It allows you to convert files from your hard drive, online sources, or cloud storage.

The finished video can also be saved both on the hard drive and on a virtual disk or in cloud storage. The original file can be converted to one of 22 formats. The settings allow you to change the bit rate and video resolution. In addition, it is possible to change the orientation of the picture from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. There is also an option to cut the video according to the specified time stamps.


Hdconvert is another nice solution. The only caveat is that only files up to 20 MB in size can be converted for free. For more serious actions, you will have to buy a subscription. You can issue it for a day, a week, or a month. This resource is distinguished by features that are typical for commercial projects: good design, convenient menu organization, and efficiency of work.

The output video can be one of ten formats, three of which are Ultra HD. Flexible settings allow you to set the audio and video bitrate and plenty of other things. You can also adjust the rotation, reflection, and aspect ratio. A QR code is generated to download the finished file.

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The above online conversion services are simple and affordable. With their functionality, the conversion can be done using any device, it is enough to have an Internet connection. In addition, even completely unprepared users can figure out how to work with such services. Simplicity and affordability distinguish online converters from programs that require installing. That is, now there is no need to install cumbersome programs and spend a long time understanding the intricacies of their work.

So, if you need to convert several videos, online tools are the best for such a purpose. They are quick, functional, and intuitively understandable. All the tools from our list work perfectly, so select the one you like most and enjoy quick conversion and excellent quality!