6 Software Tools That Your Business Could Leverage

Technology is amazing, isn't it? Every year, it seems like researchers, engineers, scientists, and other experts are pushing the boundaries of what we assume is possible.

The tiniest microchips can provide so much computing power. There are robots delivering takeout to people who live in towns or cities. Drones can help monitor fields for farmers to detect diseased crops.

In the business world, innovation never stops. There are infinite tools that owners, executives, and regular employees can use to make their jobs easier. Thanks to the existence of the Internet, many of these tools are software programs.

Since so many business operations are done with a computer or other type of connected device, your organization needs to invest in the right tools so that workers can be as efficient as possible. Let's talk about six software tools that you may not be using yet but could change the future of your business.

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Communication is such an important pillar of success for any business. Visuals are a key piece of communication. Whether you need visuals for marketing to customers or for internal collaboration, a design tool like Canva can help your teams translate information into visual media. For example, you could use Canva's Docs to Decks feature to turn written documents into usable presentations without spending hours creating visually appealing slides from scratch. You could also create a simple video to share on social media for marketing. You can design print materials such as flyers, posters, or even banners with Canva as well.


Enterprise resource planning systems are used to connect various business functions through the cloud, including financials, supply chains, customer relationship management, human resources, sales, and marketing. One of the biggest ERP products available is Netsuite. It was one of the first cloud software products, paving the way for many others that would follow in its footsteps, often mimicking its capabilities. If you want to grow your business easily and automate many time-consuming tasks, implementing Netsuite with the help of GSI services can take your company to the next level.


As mentioned previously, communication is a key to business success. If your team can collaborate quickly and stay on the same page consistently, then projects can be completed much faster. Slack is a communication platform that offers many helpful features to business clients. You can create multiple channels that team members can join, making it possible to connect departments or project teams. Users can easily send a direct message to an individual or group, attaching documents if necessary. You can also hop into a quick video conference from Slack, and this platform integrates well with multiple task assignment programs.

Social Media

One of the most important marketing channels in 2023 is social media. These platforms are communities that have connected billions of people across the planet. As a result, they are primed for marketing initiatives. You can create a page that people will follow, join groups in your local community, share posts that followers can interact with, and buy ads that can direct people to your website or sales page. The concept of building community and trust with your customers is easily accomplished on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and others.


Accounting can be an overwhelming task, especially for business owners who have a lot of spinning plates. Maybe you are not the best with numbers. Perhaps you do not have the funds to hire an accounting employee or a third-party firm to do your bookkeeping. The right accounting tool can make managing the business much easier, and one example is Quickbooks. This accounting tool is a popular choice for small business owners who need help simplifying their bookkeeping practices so that they are manageable when other responsibilities are too important to ignore for long.


When you need an online tool to help you track and delegate tasks, then Monday.com could be the answer. Teams that are drowning in busy work could benefit from a great project management software tool like Monday.com. Workers can log into the program from an app on their phones or a web browser since it is a cloud-based service and then easily see what projects they are working on and what tasks need to be accomplished. This tool simplifies workflow so that projects can be completed more efficiently with less hand-holding from managers.

Embrace Online Technology so Your Business Can Thrive

In 2023, embracing technology is critical if you want your business to succeed. That means finding the right software tools that can streamline your operations and make life easier for your employees. Analyze your company's processes to see where there are gaps in efficiency and research the tools that could overcome those gaps.