The latest ChatGPT update allows for the creation of completely custom GPT models

Let's explore the latest ChatGPT update to see how it will impact your experience with this AI chatbot!

ChatGPT, OpenAI's flagship AI product, has received a game-changing update with a host of new features. With several important updates rolling out simultaneously, OpenAI has truly delighted ChatGPT users, especially ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

Let's explore the latest ChatGPT update to see how it will impact your experience with this AI chatbot!

1. The appearance of GPT-4 Turbo

Without a doubt, the most important addition to ChatGPT is the GPT-4 Turbo model. While GPT-4 Turbo isn't a completely new AI model, it does have some game-changing improvements, including a larger context window, a more recent cut-off date, the ability to following improved instructions and improved multimodal capabilities. How will this affect your ChatGPT experience?

According to OpenAI, GPT-4 Turbo will ship with a significantly larger 128,000 token context window. This means that ChatGPT users will be able to use significantly longer and detailed prompts when dealing with AI chatbots. To put that into perspective, you should technically be able to provide reminders that are up to 300 pages of text long. This is the largest context window of any commercial AI chatbot, surpassing Anthropic's Claude 2, the previous #1 title holder, with a context window of 100,000 tokens.

GPT-4 Turbo is also equipped with a knowledge base updated to April 2023, making it one of the newest AI models in the AI ​​chatbot space. Technical improvements to the way your model works will also facilitate its ability to follow the fine details of your instructions without going astray.

It is worth noting that the data limitation applies to general knowledge of the GPT-4 Turbo. If you ask a specific question, GPT-Turbo will now go into integrated browse mode to answer any question, so you're not technically limited in the scope of your query. For example, in the image below, ChatGPT confirms its new data cutoff point, then correctly answers who won the 2023 F1 World Drivers' Championship.

The latest ChatGPT update allows for the creation of completely custom GPT models Picture 1

Additionally, ChatGPT Plus users may be happy to know that the cumbersome drop-down menu for switching between models will soon be removed. ChatGPT's enhanced multimodal skills thanks to GPT-4 Turbo upgrades will allow it to automatically select the optimal model for a given mission without the need for manual conversion. This improvement may seem small, but power users will appreciate not having to constantly switch modes mid-conversation.

2. Ability to create custom GPTs

The appearance of GPT-4 Turbo is a big plus, but what you'll probably find more interesting is the GPT feature. In its simplest form, Custom GPT allows you to create small versions of ChatGPT customized for specific purposes. ​The author of the article has provided an extremely basic custom GPT example in a few seconds and asked the model to help in Football Manager 2024.

For example, let's say you want to identify and tag smartphones from images using ChatGPT Vision. ChatGPT doesn't know all the latest phones so you have to "teach" it every time. This can get annoyingly repetitive. With custom GPT, you can build a small GPT pre-loaded with smartphone data so you can jump straight to the part that prompts it to identify new devices at any time.

You can also create other custom GPTs, such as a GPT for movie recommendations powered by a database of movies. Then remind your custom movie bot any time you want recommendations. The best part is that you will eventually be able to share these specialized GPTs publicly and potentially profit when others find them useful. Custom GPT allows you to easily customize ChatGPT for specialized purposes beyond general knowledge without having to write any code.

3. Use the GPT listed before

You can create a custom GPT or choose from a long list of hundreds of pre-built options to enhance your reminder creation experience. Because they are optimized for specific functions, you can get even better responses than regular ChatGPT for niche uses. Pre-built GPTs are equipped with expertise to enhance performance for reminder purposes.

The latest ChatGPT update allows for the creation of completely custom GPT models Picture 4

With so many options, you can find the right GPT for almost any purpose you can imagine. Options include Creative Writing Coach to provide feedback on your work, Math Mentor to explain complex concepts, and Trip Planner to create your perfect vacation. You can even ask Laundry Buddy to help with stain problems or a Game Time assistant to explain the rules for a game between family members. Each pre-built option has the right expertise to deliver superior performance for prompts related to its focus area. With this expanded GPT range, you can easily find custom AI with the ideal skills and knowledge to enhance prompting in your area of ​​interest. GPT allows you to harness the power of custom AI without the effort of creating your own AI.