Soon to be able to see app status, battery status... right in the Task Manager of Windows 11

Microsoft is working on new ways to make Task Manager even more useful on Windows 11. Recently, there have been a lot of leaks related to upcoming Windows 11 features.

Just a few days ago, we heard that Windows 11 would have a new feature called Stickers and a new Tablet mode among other things. Just recently, leaks continued to appear regarding Taskbar improvements and new prompts in Settings for unsupported computers.

But not stopping there, we continue to have another leak related to Task Manager. According to leak expert FireCube, Microsoft is adding more options to the new Task Manager on Windows 11 build 22543 for the Dev channel.

Based on the image shared by FireCube, we can see that the new Task Manager will have a separate section. This section displays the information "Application Status, "Battery Status" and "Startup Status".

Soon to be able to see app status, battery status... right in the Task Manager of Windows 11 Picture 1

As such, Windows 11 will be able to detect problems related to the application, battery or startup status of the machine. When a problem is found, a notification will be put in a new section of the Task Manager. From here, users can easily control their devices.

However, these are still only initial designs for testing purposes. Based on the feedback of users participating in the Dev channel, Microsoft will make adjustments accordingly.

This is not the first time we have seen leaks related to Task Manager. Previously, in build 22538, leaked information showed that Microsoft was developing a new version of Task Manager for Windows 11. If you are interested in the new Task Manager, you can refer to how to activate it here: will continue to update information related to Windows 11 for your convenience.