How to test the screen, check the iPhone screen easiest

These are quick and easy ways to test iPhone screens for those who are intending to own an iPhone, especially an old iPhone.

The screen is one of the most important parts of an iPhone. Testing the screen of a smartphone before buying is something you should do first, new or old.

However, boxed smartphones are still less risky than buying second-hand goods, so you need to be knowledgeable before deciding to buy an old iPhone. Here are some of the easiest ways to test your iPhone's screen, which you can do.

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IPhone touch test

This is the first test that any user must perform, to test iPhone touch you just need to hold an icon on the iPhone screen (from iOS 12 or below) or press and hold the icon and select Sort re-application (iOS 13).

Wait for the icon appears X in the corner, hold them and move across the screen. If you see the icon slip off your hand at a certain point on the screen, then that point may be dead touch already.

How to test the screen, check the iPhone screen easiest Picture 1

If you take a closer look, you can open the Notes app, select the pen icon, and draw a line on the point you suspect is dead touch. If you see a broken line at the other dead point, that place is definitely paralyzed.

How to test the screen, check the iPhone screen easiest Picture 2

There is one way you can check the touch by turning off the device and restarting, when the apple logo is displayed in white and the surrounding is black, you can see if there are any other colors such as blue, red, purple yellow. No . If so, that place is touch dead, this error usually occurs when the screen is dropped, in water, pressed, replaced with poor quality screen .

There is also a touch error, which is similar to paralysis, but instead of being inactive, the touch screen responds but does not match the position on the screen. For example, if you touch the Weather app, the iPhone will open the Phone app again.

Test renders iPhone

Every other common mistake on the iPhone is renders the iPhone screen color. Common colors can be yellow, blue or pink. If the color is very light, it's the difference between the panels and it is not an error. Or maybe the screen glue hasn't dried yet, so it haunts the screen.

How to test the screen, check the iPhone screen easiest Picture 3

To test iPhone renders , you can take two iPhones, open the Settings app, and set the brightness to full. If you do, then you will definitely see the difference between the two screens, but only very light. If the color is heavy, that screen has a problem.

Check for iPhone exposure

The error of light exposure on the iPhone is very few people noticed, not even aware of this error on their screens although this is quite a common mistake. The reason few people pay attention to this error is because the screen brightness level is not significant, so many people do not know that it is an error.

The cause of this error is the assembly of the LCD screen with a non-standard backlight. Causes the light of the backlight to leak outside on the side of the phone screen, causing a phenomenon of light exposure.

To test the light , open a black photo, open the camera, then cover the shot as quickly as possible. Then increase the screen brightness all the way and look around the edges to see if the screen is open. Often this error only appears on iPhones that use LCD screens.

Quick test iPhone screen

There are many ways for you to quickly test iPhone screen to see if this screen is "zin screen" or "screen batch". Firstly, take out an iPhone zin and see the colors displayed between the two screens, which can be brighter to full size for easier comparison. The screen will usually not be as bright as the screen zin, the color will not be as clear as the screen zin.

How to test the screen, check the iPhone screen easiest Picture 6

Or more simply, you can test by adding a few drops of water to the screen. If the screen is zin, the water droplets will collect a point, while with the curtain screen, the water will spread as shown in the picture. Or stick a piece of tape on the screen, if peeled off easily and smoothly, it is zin screen. On the contrary, if it is hard to peel off and still has tape on it, it will be a curtain.

How to test the screen, check the iPhone screen easiest Picture 7

Above are some ways to test iphone screen, check iphone screen easily and effectively. However, if you are not sure the above iPhone screen test methods are effective, you should choose reputable places and reasonable warranty to choose to buy iPhone.