Dangerous messages make iPhone messaging application hang immediately when opened

The new bug on iPhone causes the messaging application to stop immediately when the user opens it.

This error is called by the name Black Dot Bug by the black circle icon you see in the message before the application crashed. The screen will be blank and nothing can be done except to turn it off or restart the phone. Other things may not be affected or will be slow before this error is fixed.

In fact, the black dot icon is not something that causes errors, but hundreds, or thousands of lines of Unicode code later, making the phone processor overload. All of it has been saved on a website, so you can also send this unique message to tease your friends, which will surely scare them.

Dangerous messages make iPhone messaging application hang immediately when opened Picture 1
The message is extremely simple but then there is a very long Unicode string

This deadly black dot error once stirred on chat app WhatsApp version on Android. Now it appears on the messaging application of iOS version 11.4 Beta 4, 11.3.1, 11.3 and iOS 11/10. Filip Koroy with YouTube channel EverythingApplePro also has a thoroughly explained video about this error.

Fortunately, this error only takes a few seconds to fix: turn off the application, 3D Touch Message icon and select New Message. Everything will return to its original form and return to the mailbox and delete it. Apple has not had a formal fix, but it will soon be available soon.

Website to send messages troll friends https://www.vincedes3.com/blackdotbug.html

Video explanation on EverythingApplePro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fepqIO57f8

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