What's new in Firefox 7?

The ability to implement and improve internal memory usage is the purpose of Firefox 7, which was provided by Mozilla yesterday.

The ability to implement and improve internal memory usage is the purpose of Firefox 7, scheduled to be provided by Mozilla yesterday. This latest version of Firefox brings a lot of changes to users, typically reducing the use of internal memory. Nicholas Nethercote, a Mozilla programmer, claims that: ' Firefox 7 will consume 20 to 50% less memory than previous versions of Firefox '.

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These performance improvements are the result of MemShrink project. This project was created with the aim of minimizing interaction on the browser system. Mozilla has pointed out several enhancements in Firefox 7, including cases where the browser is open for a period of time, when multiple tabs are opened at the same time and when the browser is used concurrently with the software. Other have more memory usage.

Improving performance is what Mozilla has clearly planned. When installing Firefox 7, users will have the option to use an anonymous reporting method that is called Telemetry. Unlike security software (using user data to improve vulnerability detection rates), Mozilla plans to gather performance data to learn more about how it works. dynamic of Firefox browser in real environment.

Unlike security software, Telemetrt is a system reporting option. So, Mozilla does not collect data without the user's permission. Sid Stamm, a security technology engineer, emphasized security on the blog site. However, with this version of Firefox, Mozilla showed its clarity about the data collected and why they collected that data compared to other rivals such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. Currently, Telemetry evaluates on 4 main aspects: internal memory usage, startup time, collection cycle time, CPU core count. Those who are interested can install add-on about: telemetry to see the personal parameters that Firefox is collecting.

If Telemetry is enabled and you want to turn it off, users can access Options -> Advanced , and uncheck the Submit Performance Data dialog box at the bottom of the General tab.

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Other changes in Firefox 7 include a new version of Canvas - hardware acceleration - that speeds up the HTML5 game experience and movies. In addition, the new version also includes improvements to web programming, including support for timing calculations for W3C navigation, allowing developers to calculate page load times and page navigation with other factors, such as bandwidth. In addition, there is a set of tools for developers.

Firefox 7 for Android includes many changes, including the ability to select text in a web page to copy and paste. The Quit feature in Preferences -> More will make it easier to exit the browser, the WebSocket API now works on both mobile versions of Firefox, improved image rendering speed on tablets and phones. The browser also has the ability to automatically detect the system's default language and the Preferences feature that allows you to change the language currently displayed in the browser.