Watch TV on a computer screen with a TV Box

Watch TV on a computer screen with a TV Box

TV Box is a device that allows you to watch TV programs on a computer screen. Because it is just a receiver, the TV Box is quite compact in size and cheap, but still has all the features like regular TVs.

How to choose a TV Box

There are many types of TV boxes, new models are now compatible with most existing screens. However, when buying you also need to pay attention to the following parameters:

Monitor Compatible

  1. Compatible monitor type. CRT Monitor (Monitor), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or Wide-Screen LCD (Wide Monitor). If you use an LCD monitor, make sure that the words Compatible with LCD are printed on the box or the documentation that comes with the TV Box.

Output Resotution

  1. Supports resolutions. Normally, TV Boxes support multiple resolutions to be compatible with the resolutions of many different screens. Please check if your screen resolution is in the list of supported resolutions by your device. When using an LCD monitor, if the resolutions of the monitor and the device are not appropriate, the image will not fill the screen or be distorted.

In addition, if you buy this device abroad, it should be noted that it must support the PAL B/G (Cable TV) and PAL D/K (Normal Television) systems of Vietnam.

Watch TV on a computer screen with a TV Box Picture 1 TV Box

How to connect TV Box and computer

  1. TV Box has a full range of communication ports and plugs to support when used with computers. However, it is also possible to directly connect the TV Box to the computer screen without the need for a CPU, which helps you take advantage to turn old screens into TVs.
  2. In addition, TV Box also supports signal connection with other broadcasting devices such as camcorders, DVD/VCD players,.

Watch TV on a computer screen with a TV Box Picture 2 Connect TV Box and computer

How to use TV Box

  1. How to use it depends on the type of device, but most have automatic functions. With just a few simple steps according to the manual, the user can tune in to the channels in the coverage area or all channels of cable television.
  2. Functions can be selected right on the TV Box or remotely controlled by the Remote just like on a regular TV, and easily switch between the TV Box and the computer with just a push of a button on the Remote control or on device.

Because TV Box works independently, when using it, you may not need to turn on the computer (CPU), just power it and the screen. Because of this, the TV Box cannot record and save TV programs to the computer.