Tips to help you master iPhone X

iPhone X launches users with a lot of changes from the interface to the new features compared to the previous iPhone generations. Some tips for using iPhone X will help users master this device.

iPhone X launches worldwide market with completely new interface changes compared to previous iPhone generations. Besides, Apple manufacturer also changed some features such as removing the Home button to open the device, and equipped with many advanced technologies such as Face ID, AR, dual cameras, etc. However, the change The biggest rating ever on iPhone X sometimes makes it difficult for users to use it. This greatly reduces the device experience, as well as using features on the iPhone X. Some tips on using the iPhone X in the article below will help you use the device more easily.

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1. Restart the device:

For iPhone series before the device hangs, it will restart the phone to keep the power key and Home key at the same time. But on iPhone X, you will have to hold down the up and down keys and press the power key until the Apple icon appears on the screen.

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2. See the battery percentage on iPhone X:

iPhone X did not display the percentage of the device's remaining battery capacity, but only the status bar. There are several ways you can see the battery percentage, but the fastest way is to open the Control Center. We will swipe down from the upper right corner to see the battery percentage.

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3. Improve face recognition on Face ID:

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iPhone X has added Face ID security features, mechanical identification through face scanning. And to improve this recognition, users can provide regular unlock code. If the face changes, this will make the feature more easily identifiable.

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4. Turn off face detection:

If you do not want to use face detection and want to turn off this function, users press the side button 5 times. Face detection will turn off so you can unlock it with a password. After that, the recognition function will work again.

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5. Create Home button on iPhone X:

By default iPhone X has removed the Home button on the device, but we can bring the Home button back. Users access Settings (Settings)> General settings (General)> Accessibility (Accessibility)> Assistive Touch . The Home button will appear again on the screen.

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6. iPhone X battery saver:

Although iPhone X can access the battery for about 1.5 days, you can also use the battery saver mode on your device, or use a black wallpaper to reduce the amount of device consumption. Thus, the machine can save up to 60% battery.

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7. Turn off the alarm on iPhone X:

If you want to turn off the alarm on your iPhone, you just need to bring the phone up close to the face like when you recognize the face. The alarm sound will gradually decrease.

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8. Use Animoji like Sticker:

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Animoji will help you create extremely funny lipos karaoke videos, but also create stickers. We just need to create an animated image and then touch the image to automatically send it to the chat.

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9. Touch to open iPhone X:

We can open the iPhone X with one touch on the screen, to see the clock, check the incoming message without opening the phone with face detection.

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Here are some tips for using iPhone X, with simple but effective ways to use it. Changing the interface, or providing new features on the iPhone X, can sometimes embarrass you when using the device.

Hopefully the article on the user will be easier to use the device.

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