How to scan file viruses right on Gmail

You can email files you want to scan for viruses right on Gmail, or any other email service.

In addition to virus scanning software, virus checking on computers, we can find websites that scan for viruses, malware and online URLs like VirusTotal. This is a famous virus scanning service used by many people, including both web and mobile versions.

In addition to having to directly access the homepage or open the application, users can send the scanned file to VirusTotal right on Gmail or other email services such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail, etc. Mail scan results will be sent to you. after that. The following article will show you how to check file viruses on Gmail.

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Instructions for scanning file viruses on Gmail

Step 1:

Open Gmail or any email service then open the compose button as usual. In the address section of the user enter , Scan entry email subject, click the clip icon below to download the files to scan for viruses. Then press the Send email button .

Users should note that we cannot download software files like exe and msi to check this way. The number of files sent to check for viruses will be unlimited, but the total file size for sending will be within the limited capacity of email services, such as Gmail is 25MB.

How to scan file viruses right on Gmail Picture 1

Step 2:

The user will then receive an email response from VirusTotal with the [VirusTotal] Server notification header. When opening the mail, you will see the results of each file sent. Each mail will include the details of the inspection.

  1. Time when scanning files with VirusTotal.
  2. File name, file size, hash code (MD5 and SHA1) of the file.
  3. The list of programs scans for viruses with version and results right next to found nothing is safe file.

How to scan file viruses right on Gmail Picture 2

With this test we can check multiple files at the same time, but you need to be careful not to exceed the sending mail limit of each mail service. You can open the test results whenever you need to check again.

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I wish you all success!