How to fix distorted graphics in BlueStacks

How to fix distorted graphics errors in BlueStacks, how to fix distorted graphics errors in BlueStacks with a few simple and effective steps, helping to improve the experience

BlueStacks is one of the top Android emulators for PC at the moment. Many gamers trust BlueStacks for its excellent graphics and performance, but there are some players who have experienced distorted graphics, while playing games or on the main console. If you are facing this situation, let's refer to how to fix distorted graphics in BlueStacks with a few simple and effective steps.

Steps to fix graphics errors in BlueStacks

Users need to correct settings to fix distorted graphics in BlueStacks. It's the easiest way to solve blurry or bad images in the game.

Open graphics settings

First, go to the gear icon to access the settings. People will see tabs on the left showing different categories, click Graphics.

Change different options

On the new window that appears, change the settings of the options as follows:

Graphics engine mode: BlueStacks usually sets this to Performance by default, but change this mode to Compatibility if you're running a game with high-end graphics.

Graphic renderer: If changing the first option doesn't help, continue to switch to OpenGL or DirectX, whichever is unchecked by default. Each of these choices affects the graphics in a different way.

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Interface renderer: BlueStacks sets Auto at this feature, which means it will depend on the game. Users can change to one of the available options and test each option to see how it affects the graphics and FPS.

ASTC textures: If it still fails, try changing the options in this section, as it is directly related to visual performance in the game.

GPU in use: People can route all the graphics resources they need from the main GPU on their computer.

Save changes: This button allows to save any changes the user has made above to check if the graphic error has been fixed or not.

Restart BlueStacks

Changed settings won't take effect immediately, so restart your PC. This results in people having to do multiple reboots while testing different changes.

Uninstall and reinstall Bluestacks

If people are having issues with BlueStacks itself and not the game, people will need to reinstall the platform. Go to Control Panel > Progams and Features > BlueStacks > right-click and select Uninstall to uninstall. Then, click on the BlueStacks download box below to install the latest version, which will include common bug fixes.

Delete temporary files

First, press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run command, then insert %temp% and press OK/Enter.

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A new window appears showing all the temporary files on the computer. People won't need these, and any program that needs them will regenerate. Press Ctrl + A to select them all, right-click and click Delete to delete them.

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Using BlueStacks Cleanup Tool

To uninstall BlueStack correctly, users will need to use a tool called BST Cleaner. There are two versions, V1.08 for uninstalling BlueStacks 4 Nougat 32-Bit, and v1.07 for BlueStacks 4/5. After downloading the respective file and running it, it will properly uninstall BlueStacks without any problems.