TOP best Android emulator for computer

TOP best Android emulator for computers, With the purpose of supporting users to play mobile games on computers and developers to test their applications,

Android emulators on computers are a very useful tool for many people. For example, developers who want to perform testing and try out their apps before shipping. Or gamers who need a better playing experience, on a big screen with included accessories for easy mobility,.

Besides, emulating Android on PC is much easier than before thanks to the multitude of software released. Here are the best Android emulators for PC and Mac that users can refer to to make the right choice for them.


BlueStacks is known by many users as the most comprehensive Android app player on the market. In addition to running on both Windows and Mac, this emulator also has a lot of features to improve the gamer's experience.

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Its most popular features include: Keymapping Tool for creating custom controls; The Instance Manager tool makes it possible for users to create multiple instances of the emulator, running several games at the same time, and features like Eco Mode, which reduces resource consumption while running games.

It's also the most secure emulator out there, with it's GDPR certified, meaning your data is always safe. BlueStacks 5 – the latest and lightest emulator, delivering high-performance gaming even on low-profile devices.


Nox is an Android emulator on PC for true gamers. It includes common features like assigning keyboard shortcuts, real-world controller support, and even the ability to create a gesture control system. For example, users can assign a function to swipe right an arrow key and use that function in a game without hardware controller support. Nox seems to work well and smoothly, along with being cared for and actively developed to bring more benefits.


LDPlayer is a lightweight Android emulator that focuses on gaming performance. The software runs Android Nougat 7.1, with a host of gamer-oriented features, including good keyboard controls, macros, high FPS, and graphics support. This is one of the few emulators on the list that is constantly updated to improve compatibility.

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In the latest versions, LDPlayer has optimized the smoothness of Free Fire & Mobile Legends, fixed the device limitation on Moonlight Sculptor. Besides, LDPlayer is also a perfect emulator to use TikTok, Instagram and other popular apps.


Wakuoo is a brand new gaming platform that allows to play mobile games on PC. Wakuoo comes with multiple versions of Android (Android 7 and Android 9 are deployed automatically), fully compatible with Intel and AMD devices. Wakuoo supports all Google Play Store verified game sources.

Both iOS and Android users can log in to their game accounts to experience all the new and exciting mobile games right on their PC, easily with enhanced performance. People can refer to Wakuoo Download and Installation Guide.

MSI App Player

MSI App Player is an outstanding Android emulator that provides uninterrupted mobile gaming experience on PC with keyboard and mouse support.

MSI also allows the hardware to operate at 240 fps in full screen mode. Another advantage of MSI App Player is that it allows users to run multiple games at the same time through multiple windows opened simultaneously, even opening the same game in multiple windows.


KOPLAYER is one of the best and free Android emulators that allows smooth Android apps and games experience on Windows and Mac computers.

With this emulator, users can access the Google Play Store and install any application or game they like as if they were using an Android phone (or tablet). The highlight of KOPLAYER is that it is quite compact and does not require high configuration.

Android Studio

Android Studio comes with a wide range of tools to help developers create Android-specific apps and games. This is a built-in emulator that users can use to test their own apps or games. Setting up an app is complicated so Android Studio isn't as popular as the others on the list, but it's still the fastest and most feature-packed option.


GameLoop, formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy, is an Android emulator for gamers. In fact, Tencent calls it the official emulator for its games, including Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Of course, it has other games besides Tencent, although the number is not as large. This emulator is more suitable for gaming needs with a rich collection of games, than for productivity testing or app development. Plus, the controls and keyboard performance in GameLoop work pretty well.


This Android emulator is mainly intended for app developers. It allows to test the application on many different devices, configure the emulator for the device with different Android versions to suit the needs.

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For example, users can run Nexus One with Android 4.2 or Nexus 6 with Android 6.0,. and can easily switch between virtual devices at will. Its most useful feature is its availability on both desktop and cloud storage. People who don't have a powerful computer can still get the job done thanks to Genymotion's servers.


NetEase has created a really great emulator - MuMu. This is a gaming emulator that has most of the same features as its competitors. The emulator runs Android 6.0, which is a bit older than the others. That shows MuMu has good uptime and enough features.

Although MuMu does not bring any outstanding features, it works smoothly and can download any game. Bluestacks and GameLoop have surpassed MuMu in terms of features and are both regularly updated. However, if other software doesn't work then MuMu can be a useful alternative.

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is one of the new Android emulators for PC. Like most other software, it prides itself on providing a better experience for gamers. It has Google Play Services, although updating those can sometimes be a bit difficult. Users can download every app and game in the Google Play Store. Phoenix OS also runs the relatively modern Android 7.1 for Android emulators.

Remix OS Player

PrimeOS is not really an emulator. The user installs this software as a partition on the computer and it starts up running stock Android. PrimeOS includes a game center, mouse and keyboard support, and access to most Android apps and games. Users can multitask, watch video content or play games at will.

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Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin is similar to Android Studio but the difference is that it can join Microsoft Visual Studio for a larger development environment. Also, like Android Studio, it comes with a built-in emulator for testing apps or games. It is recommended for application development purposes rather than gaming.

Its setup is quite simple, so it is not suitable for regular use by gamers. Xamarin's emulator is not as powerful as Genymotion, but it will still get the job done and configure it to the user's needs.