How to fix a skewed computer screen

If you are having problems with the computer screen being misaligned, please refer to the article below.We will guide you in detail how to fix a deflated computer screen to help you return the screen to the normal state.

Cause computer screen error is skewed

Currently, many computer users reflect that their computer is normal, but after restarting,  the computer screen is  completely skewed . The skewed part will leave a blank black space and the image area will be completely lost. As described, this phenomenon can be caused by the following causes:

How to fix a skewed computer screen Picture 1

  1. Error of screen resolution
  2. Inappropriate scan frequency
  3. Driver error screen
  4. The operating system is faulty
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There are many causes of computer errors

Detailed instructions on how to fix a skewed computer screen

The following are  ways to fix misaligned computer screens  very simply and effectively.

Method 1: Adjust the frequency of scanning

To get the screen aligned again, try some simple steps:

1. On a Win 7 machine:

Step 1:  Open the Control Panel window and select Adjust Screen Resolution

Step 2:  Then, you select Advandced Settings, then go to the Monitor tab and adjust the refresh rate in the Screen refresh rate (select the scanning frequency of 60 Hertz or 75 Hertz)

Step 3:  Click Ok to save

2. On a Windows 10 computer:

Step 1:  Right-click on the Desktop and select  Display settings

Step 2:  In Screen resolution interface  , select  Advanced settings  ->  Display adapter properties  to make settings for the frequency of scanning

Step 3:  Select the Monitor tab  , then select the  75 Hertz refresh rate  in the  Screen refresh rate section

Step 4:  Click  OK  to save the settings

How to fix a skewed computer screen Picture 3 There are many different ways to fix skewed computer errors

Method 2: Adjust the screen resolution

To change the resolution for the screen (on Win versions), you must first go to the Screen resolution window   (on Windows 7 just right-click on the Desktop to select Screen resolution, and Win 10, then right-click on the Desktop and select  Display settings  ->  Advanced display settings ). Then in the Resolution section  , you drag the slider up and down or down to select the appropriate resolution. After choosing, click  OK  to accept the changes.

With instructions on  how to fix a skewed computer screen  above, hopefully you will fix the error on your device and you will have no trouble using it anymore. Good luck.