How to create a torrent magnet link with info hash

If you have the info hash of a torrent, you can easily create a torrent magnet link with that info hash. Here's how you can do it.

How to view torrent file content: There are two main ways to download torrent files. First, you can download the ".torrent" file and then open it with a torrent app. Alternatively, you can also use the magnet link with a torrent app to download torrent files. The benefit of using magnet links is that you don't have to download additional .torrent files. Just click on the magnet link to download the contents of the torrent file. All the information needed to download the torrent file is encrypted directly into the magnet link.

Although magnet links have such great benefits, some downloading sites may not offer them or block actual ".torrent" files behind user accounts or charge you for a fee. In those cases, you can use the torrent's info hash to generate the magnet link. You can then use this magnet link to download torrent content.

In case you didn't know, the info hash is the SHA1 hash of a torrent that contains all the requested details, like path, length, sections, length of each part, etc.

So, without any need for wordy, I will show you how you can create magnet links with torrent hash.

Create magnet link with torrent info hash

To create a magnet link with info hash, you can use the format below. Just replace "INFO_HASH" in the link below with the info hash of the torrent file you want and "TORRENT_NAME" with the actual torrent filename.

In case you're wondering, the magnet link below also contains basic trackers. If you want to add more trackers or delete existing ones, you can do so directly from your torrent client.


If you are looking to add more torrent tracker to the magnet link for better download and upload speed, you should try this site here:

In the web page above, enter the torrent hash in the first field, enter a name for the torrent in the second field and hit the "Generate" button . It will instantly generate magnet links with a variety of trackers.

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