Make money with Valueimpression, a good ad network

There are many different ad networks for you to monetize from converting visitors on your website, I am currently participating in Valueimpression campaign, I find Valueimpression works quite well.

Before, I didn't know about Valueimpression 's ad network , one day I got an e-mail from Clare Robert. She said she wanted me to join Valueimpression ad network. At that time, I was placing the Google adsense ad code on my website.

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Just like you, every day I receive dozens of invitations to join different ad networks. At that time I was really confused. I have researched Valueimpression on search engines, indeed there is not much information about Valueimpression. On some forums, there are also some bad comments about Valueimpression ad network.

I was really concerned, I replied to Clare Robert 's email , I told her about my concerns about Valueimpression. Clare Robert is a great supporter, she explained to me:

"the stigmatizing information on Valueimpression on those forums is from bad guys, intentionally using dirty tricks, using Dirty visitors, using virtual clicks to profit from Valueimpression, they violated Valueimpression's advertising policy so Valueimpression didn't pay them. They got angry and went to forums to talk badly about the network. Valueimpression ad ".

Clare Robert told me that my website is quality, has good content and visitors are steady, she said I rest assured. To secure my cooperation, she said she was willing to pay me upfront to confirm her desire to cooperate with me. I thought she was joking, but the next day she sent me 200 dollars.

I received the money, and started following Clare Robert 's instructions to implement Valueimpression ad code on my website. I had planned to just run her $ 200 upfront payment and then stop, because at that time I still did not fully imagine what Clare Robert advertised about Valueimpression .

I was so surprised, after the first 7 days implementing Valueimpression ad code I really believed what Clare Robert said about Valueimpression.
I changed my opinion and outlook on Valueimpression ad network and decided to work with Valueimpression long term. Here are the reasons that I made such a decision:

1: The loading speed of Valueimpression ads is very optimal

I have experienced dozens of different ad networks, when placing more ads on your website, your site load speed will decrease, your website loading time will increase.

Valueimpression has optimized this, their algorithm is great. I put their ad code on all the best positions on my website, yet my site load speed still reached 98-99 speed points on pagespeed

2: Very high Fill Rate, eCPM is quite good

After carefully researching I found Valueimpression as an advertising partner for large customers, they synthesized high CPM advertising campaigns from the partners and then converted to display on your website. so their Fill Rate is very high, always over 90% of their .eCPM in the range of $ 0.5 -0.7 / 1000 views

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3: Pay on time, pay net-7.

Valueimpression uses paypal, bank transfer, payonner as main means of payment, in addition you can negotiate a payment plan with them. Valueimpression currently pays on time, they pay in the first week of next month.


The disadvantages of Valueimpression

Disadvantages 1: Valueimpression only cooperates with websites with more than 100,000 visitors / 1 month. So if your website is growing and there are not many visitors, they may refuse to cooperate

Disadvantages 2: You have to monitor the Valueimpression account and update your ads.txt file. If you don't update your ads.txt file regularly, new ads with high CPM may not update to your website. You can also use the way to "redirect" the ads.txt file to the ads.txt file on Valueimpression's server, which will be less time consuming.

Disadvantages 3: Personally, I find that Valueimpression's ad code is very good and smart when working alone. When I put together Valueimpression ad code and other ad network ad code on 1 page, it seemed that there was a conflict that caused the page to load very slowly. My advice is "implement only one ad code of a single ad network per page"

Here are some information about Valueimpression that Clare Robert shared with me.

Valueimpression - bring the real value for each impression.
Valueimpression is an Ad network based in Viet Nam. With over 10 years of experience in an advertising sector, we experienced many revolutions of advertising technologies from Open RTB to further Header Bidding. Our technology is that the combination of each Header Bidding, Private Marketplace (PMPs), and Programmatic Direct. It helps us bring the best value for our publishers, the factor that they deserve to receive for each of their impressions.
ValueImpression maintains a special, unique, and powerful relationship with all the world's biggest ad exchanges, therefore, we help you to have an opportunity to take your inventory to the highest level of campaigns in the advertising industry through a header auction technology.
We are also supporting exclusive ad units including both banner ads and video ads. This will help you not only create more revenue but improve users' experience. You can earn more money with the video ads as we have seen average revenue growth of 40 - 300% across all publishers who use them.
They offer flexible payments for all of our publishers: net-0, net-15, net-30 or even on-demand.

If you have a website and want to participate in making money with Valueimpression, visit the homepage of Valueimpression and signup. Or you can contact Clare Robert directly for support. Clare Robert is a great support person, she will answer all your questions very quickly and easily

Good luck !