Download Ghost win xp, win 7, 8, 10 32 and 64bit Link Google Drive

Ghost reinstalling windows is a fast and convenient way to reinstall windows for the computer, often used for it technicians to reinstall the computer, create ghost versions to quickly reinstall Windows, skip the setup steps. when installing win.

Thus, ghost will be faster than reinstalling windows, especially for windows xp, reinstalling win is not as simple as Windows 7, 8, 10, so sometimes using ghosting windows is an option. great.

Download Ghost win xp, win 7, 8, 10 32 and 64bit Link Google Drive Picture 1

Here I will synthesize ghost files for you to download, I will upload to Google Drive for easy download, very fast download speed without any restrictions. 

Download Ghost windows XP SP3

  1. Ghost windows XP SP3 32bit version:  Download (549.6 MB)
  2. The ghost windows XP SP3  full Driver:  Download (1.88G)

Download Ghost windows 7

  1. Download ghost win 7 lite 32bit super light:  Download (671MB)
  2. Ghost win 732bit ghost version:  Download (2.48G)
  3. Ghost win 7 64bit ghost version:  Download (3.5G)

Download Ghost windows 8

  1. 32bit ghost version: Download  (3.88G)
  2. 64bit ghost version:  Download (4.92G)

Download Ghost windows 10 PRO

  1. 32bit ghost version:  Download (4.65G)
  2. 64bit ghost version:  Download (5.91G)

After downloading you need 1 usb hiren's boot to enter the norton ghost program, then select the ghost file in the drive and start ghost windows into the computer, ghost time depends on the speed of the computer and the recording speed of the drive. .

You need to copy the ghost file to the computer's hard drive to ghost in Windows, usually put it right outside drive D, or drive E, F for convenient selection when performing Ghost.

After the ghost is finished for windows xp, the original Windows 7 doesn't have driver yet, you need to install the driver offline, you can view and download it here:  Download driver offline

Good luck!