Fedora 18 operating system has completed the Beta

After a few delays, the beta version of the Linux-based Fedora 18 was released.

After a few delays, the beta version of the Linux-based Fedora 18 was released.

The beta release date has been published to six different times over the past two months, this delay was mainly due to inaccurate assessment of the steps needed to refine the Anaconda software, the platform used. to install or upgrade Fedora.

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"It was a mistake on the timeline," said Robyn Bergeron, the Fedora project leader.

The release of the Beta version of Fedora 18, codenamed "Spherical Cow", was fixed on January 8, 2013, nearly two months later than the original date, and about seven months after the release date. Fedora 17

"Because of the nature of the Anaconda, which is to install a new operating system on the computer while keeping all the data intact for the user, the Fedora development team wants to make sure everything has worked one. The most accurate way to be released, " said Robyn Bergeron.

The new Anaconda software for Fedora 18 can address a wide range of users' data by streamlining the installation process and providing more useful error messages. When this version is completed, the Anaconda will become more intuitive and easier to use.

Bergeron said the delay would not affect the release and distribution dates of future Fedora versions, still following expected milestones around May and October each year.

With this new Anaconda software, Fedora 18 will provide great usability improvements for any user."I think people will be really impressed by this version," Bergeron said.

Fedora 18 comes with some new features and software. This release will be the first release to desktop Mate, the next series of Gnome desktop versions. It includes Eucalyptus 3.1 version - an open source software. In addition, the Fedora package is a new set of commands used to manage storage technologies in a uniform way, such as LVM (Logical Volume Manager), BTFS (B-tree file system), and MD raid (Multi devide RAID).

Fedora 18 also updates new applications, including Samba 4, Gnome 3.6, Perl 5.16, Python 3.3; Rails 3.2; OpenStack latest version - Folsom.

Fedora 18 beta does not include UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), a new initiative used to protect computers against malware by designing computer firmware, it will require a reliable lock when boot. This proves that UEFI will require more improvements to be installed on Fedora 18.

Red Hat will use Fedora as the highest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, incorporating more updates into its mainstream operating system. Red Hat will pay for contributions to develop this operating system by volunteers around the world. Open-source software company DistoWatch has chosen the most popular Fedora Linux operating system for distribution - according to a statistic created on the company's website.

Last week, developers of Linux Mint also released a new version - Linux Mint 14 includes enhancements for Mate and Cinnamon desktops, as well as significant improvements to the intermediate system (mdm) used. to manage scripts and software.