7 reasons to upgrade to Firefox 7

According to the roadmap, Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox every 6 weeks, this time Firefox 7. Here are 7 reasons users upgrade to this new version of Firefox.

According to the roadmap, Mozilla has launched a new version of Firefox every 6 weeks, this time Firefox 7. Through review and review, we offer 7 user reasons. upgrade to this new version of Firefox.

After 6 weeks of official release of Firefox 6, Mozilla released a new version of Firefox 7 on Tuesday. This is the next version of a popular web browser for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems.

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Enterprise block users who do not want to perform upgrades on a regular basis will soon have another alternative plan. Extended enterprise support version, Extended Support Release (ESR), based on Firefox 8 and 9 is scheduled to be released later this year.

From time to time, there are plenty of reasons for us to switch to this new version, which you can download to use the browser for free. Here we introduce 7 reasons why we are upgrading to Firefox 7.

1. Memory management

Since its inception, Firefox 7's main priority is speed and better memory usage, which is reflected in this release.

Firefox 7 manages memory more efficiently than previous versions, this new version offers a faster browsing experience, Mozilla said. ' Firefox users will find it faster to open new tabs and menu items as well as buttons on the website. Users of graphics-heavy websites also need to use a lot of tabs to experience an enhanced level of performance over a period of hours or even days . '

A Mozilla Hacks entry posted yesterday provided some key parameters that demonstrate the speed of the new browser.

2. More speed

New tools in Firefox 7 are designed to allow developers to easily improve the web application experience. For example, the new version of Canvas speeds up the animation of HTML5 and games in the browser, allowing developers to improve the interactive and engaging web experience.

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Firefox also supports a number of APIs so that technical experts can calculate page load time and website navigation for bandwidth, website traffic and other factors. These APIs allow professionals to easily test remote user experience so that they can quickly optimize websites and web applications for different user groups.

3. New performance

Focusing on speed, Firefox 7's new Telemetry tool is responsible for gathering performance feedback to help Mozilla create future Firefox releases with improved speed.

A post on Mozilla Hacks 'blog commented:' Firefox 7 marks a remarkable point in performance calculations. Usually the performance of Firefox is calculated on individual computers and individually built infrastructure. However, it gives results that do not correspond to the real world because modeling a typical computer in a lab environment is very difficult . '

However, the blog commented, changes in pre-installed components or software can affect Firefox's performance in unexpected ways.

The browser Telemetry tool will prompt users to report performance data to Mozilla. This data will then complement the existing infrastructure and help Mozilla optimize future Firefox releases.

Telemetry consumes very little resources and will not negatively affect the performance of Firefox browsers.

4. Add-On compatibility

When Firefox 6 was launched, 97% of compatible add-ons with Firefox 5 were still compatible with this version, according to Mozilla's product manager for add-ons.

However, this figure for Firefox 7 is 99%. That's 99% of Firefox 6-compatible add-ons that can work well in Firefox 7. With Firefox 8, the beta version will be available next week, compatibility issues will be improved.

Users can install Firefox's Add-On Compatibility Reporter program to mark problems with the software when they are used.

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5. Works on multiple platforms

By supporting tools such as WebSocket capable of working on both desktop and mobile platforms, Firefox allows developers to create lightweight, high-speed web applications that can be used on electricity. Mobile phones as well as tablets or desktops. Firefox also supports APIs on desktop and mobile platforms so that professionals can optimize websites and web applications for different types of devices, platforms and networks.

Some features in Firefox for Android are designed to allow it to perform faster browsing, such as the ability to copy text from the website and paste it into emails, website forms and SMS messages.

6. Free

Firefox is free in many ways. Users do not charge for installing, using or upgrading.

7. Open source

Most importantly, Firefox is an open source software and so it is not restricted to the use of your browser in any way. You can customize as well as change flexibly according to your needs.

Mozilla is considered an organization for the sake of the community, exists because to make a profit but create a web browser better than other competitors.